Why Valve is estranged from CSGO

Tai sao Valve lai ghe lanh voi CSGO - Emergenceingame

The remarkable achievements of the year of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive were buried by a series of coach spectator error scandals, canceled tournaments, ESIC bans, etc. The year 2020 has been very eventful in esports in general. But for CSGO, this year marks the first time the game has reached the 1 million player milestone since the game’s launch.

Although CSGO has such a huge player base, it seems that Valve has not mentioned this 20-year-old brand, even estranged.

Journalists Duncan “Thorin” Shield and Richard Lewis questioned the developer’s estranged attitude towards the game. They started the conversation with a story from 2011, when Gabe Newell – the head of Valve – compared Navi’s star lineup to some unknown gamers on the Internet.

What makes CSGO fans sad is that the founder does not have a good understanding of the professional arena of this first-person shooter. While that story still angers some, it raises many questions for the esports world: do developers care about CSGO?

In 2012, Valve continued the Counter-Terrorist vs Terrorist franchise with CSGO. Since then, the game has continued to break records. This achievement is due to the work of the tournament organizer, CSGO esports world and the players while the developer has almost not contributed much. Statistics show that developers invest a lot in their MOBA array.


Recent statistics from esportsearning show how much Valve loves Dota 2. Tournament bonuses beat esports moguls like League of Legends and CSGO. Although there are fewer tournaments than its FPS brother, the Dota 2 prize money is more than 200 million dollars, double the amount of money in CSGO.

Tai sao Valve lai ghe lanh voi CSGO - Emergenceingame

Contrary to CSGO – where third party organizers actively invest in tournaments – the number of tournaments in Dota 2 is quite rare, most Dota 2 tournaments are sponsored by the developer. Valve’s MOBA game is not estranged, but also has a total of 21 developer-sponsored Majors, while CSGO only has 15. We should note that Dota 2 Majors started 2 years later than the majors. with CSGO’s Major from 2015. GabeN’s MOBA became the darling despite being born later.

Valve-sponsored Dota 2 tournaments completely overwhelm CSGO Majors. Outside of those tournaments, The International is a money maker with donations from Dota 2 viewers. 25% of the money from compendium (books) purchased in the game goes towards the TI prize money.

In theory, this is Valve’s source of income to back TI. This amount is added to the original prize money, surpassing the CSGO bonus by a huge number. For example, the winner of The International 2018 brought in more than $11 million. Meanwhile, the CSGO 2018 Boston Major champion received $10.7 million less.


In addition to the numbers and statistics, the community is not happy with GabeN. The scandals in 2020 and the developer’s silence are proof that Gabe Newell and the team probably don’t care much about CSGO.

The coach spectator error is the most obvious example. This bug, which allows trainers to have a full view of the map, has been around since 2016. Valve not only failed to fix the bug, but the developer also ignored the report of the former Ninjas in Pajamas trainer. , Faruk “pita” Pita when he discovered it in 2018.

It took Valve 4 years to fix this ‘fatal error’ that caused many careers to be ruined and became a major scandal in esports. ESIC intervened, but everything seemed to be too late.

Many people argue that drama in the esports world shouldn’t involve developers, but that’s not true. Esports journalist Richard Lewis said during the By The Numbers talk that Valve was chosen as the mediator who needed to make the decision to end the dramas.

However, there is still nothing big enough to force developers to get their hands on…


Valve Gabe Newell - Emergenceingame

The Valve co-founder loves Dota 2 not just for the money. The CEO is constantly present at The International events to meet the audience. The fact that GabeN only attended Dota 2 tournaments made the community see how estranged Valve was from CSGO. It seemed that this FPS game was Valve’s lost child, when the CSGO community had never seen GabeN present at the tournament.


In 2020, CSGO continuously breaks new records in viewership. One million continuous players is a testament to the power of CSGO.

Meanwhile, the number of Dota 2 players continuously decreased for 5 consecutive months in October, falling to 723,280 continuous players, according to statistics from steamchart. The numbers tell a completely different story: While Dota 2 may have been successful in the money-making business, CSGO continues to break new records without GabeN’s care.

Luong nguoi choi Dota 2 2020 - Emergenceingame
DotA 2 players in 2020
Luong nguoi choi CSGO 2020 - Emergenceingame
CSGO player count in 2020

Whether CSGO needs GabeN to invest money or not, was clearly explained by Thorin during the talk. The International makes Dota 2 the most prestigious tournament, but the game’s Majors are not so great.

Thorin points out that Tier-2 tournaments like Flashpoints have as much prize money as the Dota 2 Major, which is $1 million. In this case, CSGO does not necessarily need financial support from Valve. The huge amount of money from CSGO tournaments has proven that the game can live well on its own.

However, ‘a child without a father is like a house without a roof’. Game bugs are still present in CSGO, updates are delayed, developers are not interested in the game, and the silence on community issues requires Valve to intervene more.

The fact that the game is still in development, despite the indifference of the developer, shows that CSGO will bring more things if Valve pays more attention.

For now, CSGO operations make up for Valve’s long absence, and it seems players have been immune to that indifference. The fact that the tournament organizers are still investing in the game is a ray of hope for those who believe in the legend of Counter-Strike, while others are gradually migrating to Riot Games’ Valorant.

For the time being, CSGO is temporarily satisfied with what it can pull from Valve, and GabeN will continue to appear on the stage of The International.

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