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  • In 2019, PUBG there will be 9 independent regions, each with their own league – North America (NPL), Europe (PEL), Korea (PKL), China, Japan (PJS), Taipei/Hong Kong / Macau, Southeast Asia, Latin America and Australia.
  • All regional tournaments will begin and end in “phases”, with each phase occurring three times in a season.
  • At mid-season, PUBG will host the All-Star Games to bring together some of the world’s most famous players for showtime matches over the weekend.
  • PUBG Corp. is in discussions with third parties in the gaming industry to organize other unique global events in the middle of phase breaks – to pit the strongest teams of each phase against each other.
  • All regional and global tournaments will apply the same rules for 2019 – FPP, 16 teams per game, 4-player Squad, Erangel & Miramar, common scoring system, common in-game configuration.


Starting in 2019, PUBG Corp. will officially introduce professional leagues in 9 different regions around the globe. PUBG will host a variety of international events throughout the year, including the All-Star Games in August and the Global Championship in November, with the season’s #1 team to be named.

9 professional zones

In 2019, PUBG will recognize 9 independent professional competitions globally. Each region will have its own series of tournaments to select the top talent and produce its own champions.

There will be 6 regions with a “pro league: North America” system (National PUBG League: NPL), Europe (PUBG Europe League: PEL), Korea (PUBG Korea League: PKL), China, Japan (PUBG Japan Series: PJS), Taipei/Hong Kong/Macau. Southeast Asia, Latin America and Australia will have a “pro circuit” system with a variety of tournaments.

Global fixtures


A consistent schedule for all regions is key to building a long-lasting season with distinct periods for regional leagues and mid-season breaks, with enough time for global events to kick in. out with the top teams from each region.

The 2019 season will be divided into three phases during the year. Phase 1 will start at the end of January and last until the end of March. Similarly, Phase 2 will start from the beginning of May and end in June. Phase 3 will start in mid-August and end in the middle of the month. 10. All professional tournaments in the region will take place in designated phases.

Global events

Between Phase 2 and Phase 3, at mid-season, PUBG Corp will host the All-Star Games. The players PUBG The world’s most famous players will be invited to participate in performance matches, different from the professional formula, with entertainment as the main focus.

At the end of the 2019 season, PUBG Corp will hold the Global Championship, including the best teams from each region to compete for their super chicken dinner. The 9 professional regions will have the opportunity to send their own regional representatives to participate. The winning team of the Global Championship will be the champion of the whole season and take home a million dollars in prize money. PUBG Corp is considering possibilities to increase the prize pool to a total value of $2 million; Details will be announced in the coming weeks.

PUBG Corp is also working with third-party industry organizers with the goal of creating other unique global events between phase breaks, where the best teams in each phase compete internationally. More details on the global partner events will be announced later.

General rules

From the feedback received, one of the biggest headaches for pro players and viewers in 2019 is the difference in regulations applied by different leagues. This difference prevents players from effectively developing their skills and tactics, forcing players to learn a whole new way of watching the game in each event.

2019 will see tournaments, regional or global, third-party or organized by PUBG Corp, subject to the same rules. Every tournament will feature 16 squads on Erangel and Miramar maps, in first-person (FPP) only. The game also uses a general configuration for esport with a separate configuration for the blue zone and the drop rate. All events will use the same scoring system, to strike the perfect balance between gameplay and tracking experience.

More details on individual regions and global events will be announced in the coming weeks.

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