A cheeky young man “jumps” components with his bare hands in the middle of a crowded internet shop

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One more incident stealing spare parts for internet shop happened recently in Khanh Hoa area. Specifically, a young man dared to steal and steal an i3 4100 chip and 2 4G ram bars between net shop are a lot of people. The incident happened at about 10 am two days ago (June 6, 2018), making the owner extremely urgent to post the forum thanks to the search support of other colleagues in the area.

The main object is the young man in the blue shirt in the camera photos provided by the owner

According to many sources, this object is not “practicing” for the first time, but has stolen trot in many other net shops before, enough to see how professional the object is. A lot of pictures, even videos recording close-up of this guy’s behavior are shared on groups for people net business.

A close-up clip of the subject’s process of “jumping” components in a previous theft

This is also a lesson for the subjectivity of the net shop owner. The more you are a stranger, the more attention you need to pay attention to. Once the bad actors have noticed and taken the initiative, they can do anything. Components are becoming more and more expensive, so it is difficult to avoid many bad guys who are greedy and take risks. In order to avoid such unintended incidents, net business households need to tighten security more, not only to protect customers’ assets, but also to protect assets for themselves. .

Sharing is also a warning for internet shops in the area to be wary of the above object. And hopefully with the help of colleagues, the owner of this unlucky restaurant will soon find the culprit to make up for the lost property. If there is still no further information, it is best to provide evidence to the police for further investigation!​

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