Hawkeye filmed Avengers 4 with both arms… broken

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The return of Hawkeye in Avengers 4 It will definitely be a great consolation for fans Marvel after your absence in Avengers Infinity War. However, perhaps bad luck has not stopped pursuing Hawkeye.. or more precisely, the male actor Jeremy Renner. Accordingly, this famous actor has just revealed that he had a serious accident while filming.


Accordingly, last summer when Jeremy Renner was filming a chase scene in the movie Tag, he accidentally suffered an injury that broke both his arms. This scene required Renner to climb onto a stack of 40 chairs, but unfortunately the crew miscalculated and caused the whole thing to collapse while the actor was still on it. When he fell, both of Renner’s arms were broken and forced him to wear a blue cast to be removed later by computer techniques.

However, it is worth mentioning that as soon as Tag’s filming was completed, Jeremy Renner had to immediately switch to the project. Avengers 4 with no recovery time. This led him to play the role of Hawkeye – a superhero using a bow and arrow, with a broken arm.


Jeremy Renner shared.


Indeed, how crazy of will Jeremy Renner must be to perform the role Hawkeye for Avengers 4 with two broken arms. Surely fans will have more motivation to look forward to it Avengers 4 and see with your own eyes how your hero overcame the pain.​

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