Warface is about to have a PUBG-like game mode

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is still maintaining a crazy heat in the world game village, strongly inspiring countless other products to follow in the footsteps. There the new rookies try to replicate the success of PUBG while old products want to follow trends to please their fans.


Warface It is not an exception when the development team has just announced a completely new PvP mode with PUBG style. There Crytek in a new blog post on the Warface homepage announced a series of new content in the upcoming Update. These include features, achievements and, above all, maps for arguably the most epic PvP Battle Royale mode ever in Warface history.


Crytek’s announcement:


This mode will take place in the style of Battle Royale with gamers being dropped on a large map with nothing more than empty hands. After picking up items and weapons, the player will start moving to avoid the shrinking circle of death.. as well as looking for other players to destroy.


According to Crytek, this mode will be available in the next Update of Warface and let gamers enjoy the PUBG flavor in the title. MMOFPS This. However, the Battle Royale mode will only be available for a limited time and after receiving feedback from gamers Crytek will work on improving the quality to bring it back in the future. All information about this mode will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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