Hack disconnect in League of Legends, Hack loses game connection

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Recently, Garena players have had to “clash” with another painful problem, which is hacking disconnect in League of Legends, or roughly understood as hacking to lose connection to the game.

Accordingly, while the problem of using Tool Hack still exists, League of Legends players continue to have to face the game disconnection hack. When hacked, the victim will quickly lose connection to the server and cannot continue to play.

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The problem of hacking disconnect is a matter of condemnation in League of Legends. Because if you are taking advantage and preparing to win, suddenly the screen displays the lost connection window, and when the connection is restored, the situation is completely different.

hack disconnect in league of legends

Indeed, the process of reconnecting the game is not at all as usual. Because you cannot continue the previous match. On the contrary, you have to play a new match, while the match history also does not record any information about the match you just played. It is also the most inhibiting factor for gamers when encountering this situation.

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League of Legends is getting worse and worse with the help of hacking tools along with the evil intentions of many dark gamers. Because instead of competing fairly, they find tricks to find high rankings for themselves.

Hopefully in the near future the League of Legends executive board will fix the situation of hacking disconnect in the game. Currently, this problem is not only not decreasing but increasing, putting pressure on genuine gamers who have devoted themselves with their real talent and time.

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