How to play Pirate Kings, play Pirate King for newbies.

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How to play Pirate Kings is something everyone needs to know if they want to play well in the game Pirate Kings – the game is making waves in the present time, if you are familiar with Pirate King, this article will guide you how to play Pirate Kings. play Pirate Kings aka Pirate King for newbies.

Pirate Kings revolves around the wheel of numbers with different features such as Attack (attack), Defend (shield), Steal (steal), Spins (additional spins) and rewards with different amounts of gold. The simplicity of how to play Pirate Kings makes it easy for this application to have a large number of players. You can play Pirate Kings on mobile or Play Pirate Kings on Facebook.

How to play Pirate Kings, play Pirate King for newbies.

As an attractive game, you can download Pirate Kings on to play today. Depending on the device you are using, you can download Pirate Kings for Windows, if you use an iPhone, you guys Download Pirate King for iPhoneusing Android, guys Download Pirate King for Android.

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As mentioned above, Pirate Kings has a simple and easy to understand way of playing. Your job is to spin the number wheel. In the gear wheel there are 4 main functions:

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Attack: attack other players
Defend: defensive shield
Steals: Steal another player’s gold
Spins: more spins
Besides those 4 main functions, you also have the opportunity to receive rewards that are different amounts of gold from 1K, 5K, 100k all depending on your luck.

The best way to play Pirate kings to quickly become the Pirate King?
With other strategy games you may have dozens of tasks to do to clear the island, in Pirate Kings too your task is to conquer 7 beautiful islands in Pirate Kings. To do this is not easy, you both build and protect them against attacks like “falling” of your opponent, increase your defense power as well as your attack ability at the same time. Tighten alliances with friends to protect your island shorten the way to conquer 7 beautiful islands.

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Attack function in how to play Pirate king
When you return to Attack, it also means you can attack other players, a cannon is waiting for you to fire if you shoot correctly, you will have the opportunity to earn gold for yourself. There are 5 options for the types of buildings that are available in the shop of the game, normally gamers will aim for the buildings with high scores when buying, keep an eye out for the buildings with a lot of gold coins. Remember the gold price of each shot to bring the best bonus score for you.

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Defense functionin how to play Pirate Kings
As a strategy game where attack must have defense, in Pirate Kings you defend your island by shielding them.
When you return to the Defend box, you will receive a shield to protect your island against attacking alliances. Opponents often choose islands with few shields to attack, so if you lack them, add them right away to make sure your island is safe.

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Buy works
To build your own island, you need to choose to buy items to upgrade the building, from which you quickly upgrade the level in the game. In real life as well as in Pirate Kings, sometimes the accumulation of money leads to risks, when participating in Pirate Kings, you are likely to be robbed of all the money you have, so use money to build buildings as soon as you have money. .
To go to the shop to buy things, select the three dashes icon on the top left corner of the screen in the game => Shop => Select buy.

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Invite friends to play Pirate Kings via Facebook.
With new games now you can connect to Facebook to invite friends to play, remember the spread of Candy Crush Saga in the online community, the main reason is the interaction between this player and other players via Facebook.
In Pirate Kings, when connecting to Facebook, you will be given an extra number of spins, just 20 friends will be given an extra lucky spin bottle equivalent to 50 spins. The increased number of spins means that the opportunity to spin into boxes such as attack, shield, extra turns, gold coins… increases and the ability to attack and defend is pushed up giving you more opportunities to Destroy the island in the game.
To invite friends to play Pirate Kings via Facebook, go to the 3 dashes icon on the left corner of the screen and select Invite Friends => Check the person you want to invite => INVITE

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Those are the most basic ways to play pirate kings for newbies to Pirate Kings, you will basically be able to orient how to play when reading this reference. If you are a gamer who follows every move of the Pirate Kings every day, you can refer to the article summarizing the tips for “burning friends’ houses” in the game Pirate Kings The fastest and most accurate way to shorten the distance to become a powerful Pirate King.
If you are a lover of exciting gun battles, Raid is a game that you cannot ignore, there are many ways to play raid to help you become the best gunman, through these raid ways, You can transform into your own way of playing to create your own style when competing.

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