Gun Free Fire Groza or more powerful SCAR?

Free Fire There are many powerful assault rifles. Groza and SCAR are two of the most popular Free Fire AR guns in the game. But which weapon is better? Let’s find out with!

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Compare guns Free Fire Groza and SCAR


Groza is stronger than SCAR due to its higher damage score. Groza damage up to 61 points per shot while SCAR only has 53 points. However, SCAR has a better rate of fire than Groza. Therefore, SCAR’s damage per second is higher than Groza.

Compare Free Fire guns

Size of magazine & loading speed

These two guns have the same magazine size of 30 rounds per load. However, Groza’s expansion magazine was larger than SCAR (Groza: 48 rounds, SCAR: 42 rounds). It is enough to help Free Fire players take down one or two enemies quickly.

Besides, the loading speed of Groza is also better than SCAR, allowing you to reload quickly in emergency situations.

Influence & accuracy range

The FF AR gun is the most destructive weapon in the mid-range war so so is Groza and SCAR. However, Groza has a greater range of effect than SCAR, so it has a greater ability to destroy enemies in long-range battles.

Furthermore, Groza’s accuracy is better than SCAR’s. It makes people love AR even more when playing Free Fire. In particular, it is more stable and flexible than SCAR because of its extremely low recoil. Therefore, Groza is always the best choice for beginners to experience Garena Free Fire.

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SCAR has DPS support

Speed ​​of movement

In terms of movement speed, SCAR is better than Groza. You can run and move more quickly with SCAR in your hand. Remember that movement speed is an important factor, affecting victory in this shooter.

The internal movement speed of SCAR and Groza is the same in Free Fire


  • The Groza is a good weapon choice for the rookie Free Fire and suitable for long-range combat.
  • SCAR is more popular among veteran Free Fire gamers, used especially well in mid-range battles.

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