Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Top very strong squad with only 1 gold elite

In Truth arena season 4, not every champion with lots of gold will be strong. The following lineups will help players easily climb to the top with the main theme is generals that cost only 1 gold.

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Teamfight Tactics – TFT season 4: Top very strong squad with only 1 gold elite

Nami “Bubble Princess” lineup

Nami – General 1 gold is considered quite weak, bloody and does not have much effect. However, you will have to rethink that when you own Nami + Luden Vonitor. Nami’s bubble will both control the target and deal damage and damage from echoes. In addition, the mana buff and the double cast skill buff from the mage will make Nami truly become a “monster” of the sea, not a beautiful mermaid anymore.

In addition, this lineup also combines very well with many other squads such as Mage, Enlightenment … to help players comfortably choose champions while still keeping a large number of points until the end of the game.

Line-up Yasuo

Referring to the Song formation, the players of the CCP are no stranger to anything. However, not many people know that the Twin-type vs. elves Yasuo If paired with the right equipment, and getting enough Poison buff from his older brother Yone will be very strong. The sword storm skill with attack effect, which means when Yasuo uses the ability, it also counts as 1 stack of Duels. In addition, if you add Poison’s lifesteal buff, this hero will be more buffalo and much more difficult to die.

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Although only a champion worth 1 gold, but try to let this 1 gold champion have enough buffs for Duel (6 duels) and Solo with the necessary items, you will be surprised at what that Lord Yasuo can do.

4-star Diana line-up

If you think Assassins are weak chess pieces, try playing the 4-star Moon Elite Diana, she will make you think again.

Extremely easy to play and easy to understand, with the weapon of thorns Armor + Hextech Gun Sword, this assassin will not hesitate to rush straight into the enemy’s backline without fear of being cornered. Even Diana alone can tank the entire backline in a period of time, or turn godly when your team does not have enough damage.

Wish you success with the 1 gold generals mentioned above.

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