Types of ores and their effects in the game Minecraft

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In Minecraft there are similar minerals in the Real World. Each type has different ratios, exploitation methods and effects. In this article, we will list you all the minerals in Minecraft, and about how to exploit and how to mine effectively, we will gradually talk about it in the following articles.

Types of minerals in the game Minecraft

Usually this mining will take place on the second day of the game, when you have survived the first day. At this point, you will have to find the materials and tools to start your life.

To mine, the first thing you need to do is go underground and search for caves. However, it is important to keep in mind a “unwritten” rule, that is: “Never dig straight down, if you do not want to fall into lava or into a monster nest”.

The minerals that players can find during the game include:

1. Coal


Mining location:

  • Underground or fabricated from wood. In addition, ore is only, which occurs above sea level, wherever rock is present. Slag ores are also commonly found in raised rocky outcrops or even mountains.

Effect of Coal:

  • Coal is an important raw material used for making torches, deodorizing or cooking. You have to leave them in the torches, then light and explore the caves. A coal mine can have up to 64 pellets, and that would be an extremely valuable source of energy.
  • In practice, however, you’ll have to start with much less numbers. In the long run, these Coal mines act as storage facilities, and you can later use them to store mined minerals. Coal is a non-precious mineral because it is quite common or easily made.

2. Iron

Iron armor fabrication

Mining location:

  • Iron is probably the most important and versatile resource in the game Minecraft, you can find it underground.


  • Used in the crafting of tools, armor, weapons and other essential and essential tools. In order to exploit the iron mines, the player also needs to have the corresponding tools such as a stone pickaxe, or iron pickaxe, the lower “level” items (such as wood) will not work.
  • According to experience, once we find and get iron ore, we will make hoes – swords (weapons) – buckets (water) – armor … to do these things, it will need to consume about 32 ore bars. If there is more, it is best to build other tools such as buckets, shovels to retain water or get tools to use in other jobs.


With just two buckets of water, a player can be used to create an “infinite water supply” by placing them diagonally in a 2 × 2 hole.

3. Gold, Lapis lazuli and Redstone

Gold and other ores

Mining location:

  • These are special ore sources with high economic value and use. Gold, lapis lazuli and Redstone are found only in caves deep underground. To mine Gold and Redstone, an iron pickaxe is required, while Lapis can be mined with a stone pickaxe. At the beginning of the game, you don’t really need them, or if there is not much.


  • Gold and redstone can be used to make a compass or a watch. And Lapis lazuli is used to enchant some mechanical technology, then gold and Redstone will act as additional support.

4. Diamonds


Search location:

  • Diamond is a very rare and highly valuable mineral. This is also the most searched thing in the game Minecraft. Diamond ores can be found at the very bottom of the World (below about 15 layers of the map and require an iron pickaxe).


  • Diamonds come in many different forms, each with different effects, but the most well-known are used to make tools that are very durable, while making time is also accelerated.

5. Emeralds


Search location:

  • The emerald, although listed as an ore, is often obtained (and used) by trading with the villagers. However, we can also find some of these mines under the extreme biome hill.
  • Emerald ores are also found at the same depths as gold ores, and the player must also have an iron pickaxe.


  • Used in business, exchange, and trade with villagers.

6. Nether Quartz


Mining location:

  • This Minecraft most special type is only found in Nether (at any level, except at the beginning) or in more dangerous places (like Overworld). Therefore, one advice is that you should only go looking for Nether ores when absolutely necessary, and make sure that you have armor.


  • Nether can be used to make comparators, daylight sensors, quartz blocks, and a few other instruments. However, it cannot be used as tools or weapons or armor.

That is all about the ores in the game Minecraft and their effects while playing the game. Hopefully, with this guide, you can play better game, know how to utilize these ingredients for further development.

Wish you have fun and entertaining moments!

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