Guide to ‘breaking the island’ new mode in League of Legends: Endless Journey at the highest difficulty

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Endless journey

At the highest difficulty – Captain, the game mode Exploration: Endless Journey of League of Legends is still an extremely “hard” challenge for many gamers.

And here are a few tips to help LoL players somewhat “break” this difficulty more easily:

Play in low levels to collect enough upgrade points

Just like a common MMORPG, sometimes you can’t pass difficult Dungeons simply because you are not equipped and too weak. Exploration Mode: Endless Journey gives players a Skill Upgrade Board similar to a character skill system in an MMO game, through which players can increase their power through their use. .

Endless journey

Even if only a maximum of 6 upgrade slots can be used, unlocking all of the upgrade points gives players more options in using the right upgrade points for each squad.

Playing on low difficulty such as Basic or Beginner will make it easier for gamers to collect upgrade points, creating a premise for you to be equipped with the best equipment when facing the Last Boss Kayn on Captain difficulty. – The highest difficulty and also the most difficult of this mode.

Consider buying defensive equipment and increasing healing

In this expedition, you will not have a Town Hall to return to healing, besides, the Summoner Resuscitation spell can’t always be used. Therefore, there should be at least one champion with the ability to heal like Sona or Ziggs (when using the Heal upgrade – E ability has the ability to heal allies).

With these champions, the addition of the Chain of Atonement + Burning Incense combo will significantly increase the team’s healing ability.

Endless journey

In addition, the remaining generals like Yasuo, Malphite or Jinx should also consider getting themselves at least one defensive item, even main damage like Yasuo or Jinx should at least equip Angel Armor, to increase survivability from the damage shocks coming from Kayn in the final stage, because after all, the healing ability of teammates is only limited.

Try to interact with teammates

When playing League of Legends, everyone understands the harm of the team not having coordination together, that is new in normal game modes and it is enough to cause tons of inhibition already. As for a game mode in the style of defeating the Boss like in Exploration: Endless Journey, this issue becomes more important than ever.

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The first is about experience, players who have gone through many matches or mastered the basics of this mode, need to convey quickly and directly what RPG players often do. called “mech” (phrase for tips to overcome Dungeon).

In addition, in the game, interactive factors such as who still has the Resuscitation Support, and who needs to equip how to match the upgrade table, or how the Boss’s attack mechanism is. and how to dodge… are also factors that players need to communicate with each other constantly to avoid… dumbfounded.

Endless journey

Improve personal skills

No matter how well prepared you are, in the end, personal skill is still the most important factor to lead us to victory.

The most important thing when playing Adventure: Endless Journey is dodging the orientation skill. Properly using the summoner spell Teleport will help you dodge a lot of damage, but they also need time to recharge, so your main chance of survival is still mainly in the ability to move. Just dodge directional moves.

At Captain level, just hitting 2 to 3 normal moves of any monster is enough to make your health drop without stopping, so dodging the directional skill is extremely important.

In addition, using the skill properly to be able to put the strongest damage, heal or protect teammates are also challenges that players need to overcome in order to destroy the Adventure mode in the game mode. This is the highest difficulty.

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