League of Legends: Summary of some useful tips for gamers when participating in Exploration mode

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Exploration mode is very interested in the League of Legends community and there are many tips for this mode that gamers need to refer to.

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After opening Adventure mode for a short time, players have also experienced the feeling of PvE in a grand manner. However, there are still many players who have not been able to overcome this mode and often have to succumb to the hordes of monsters every day. Here are some experiences for players to overcome the challenges in this mode more easily.

Malphite is Kayn’s nemesis

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Through many matches in this mode, League of Legends players have also come to understand that increasing survivability in Exploration: Endless Journey is extremely important and Malphite is an indispensable candidate in the mode. this degree.

However, Maophite also has a huge advantage thanks to his skill set when upgrading, that is, he can hard counter the skill set of the last boss Kayn.

When using Ruthless’s upgrade, Malphite’s Unstoppable skill will have an additional effect of dragging the opponent, and only stopping when hitting a certain terrain.

Thanks to an upgrade like that, in some cases, his Unstoppable (R) can interrupt Kayn’s combos and pull them away from your teammates. Combined with the Intense upgrade will allow Malphite to reduce the cooldown, so that he can use R skills continuously and apply tons of crowd control effects on Kayn.

Ziggs has better healing than Sona

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In the matches of this mode, Sona is a popular choice when this is the only champion with the ability to heal in the Space Squadron skin group. But there is one thing that few gamers notice, that when unlocking enough upgrades, Ziggs will have the ability to heal, and sometimes even outperform Sona.

That’s when using 2 upgrades of Heal + Regeneration, Heal helps E – Minefield Hextech turn into health pots that when Ziggs’ teammates step on it, and Rebirth will cause the minefield to be restored immediately after. at the end of its duration, double the healing from this move.

Just buy more equipment Boiling Incense, Ziggs will turn into a genuine health buff champion with superior effectiveness than Sona.

And “Space Engineer” also possesses a unique target one-shot ability

There’s no reason why Ziggs should be such an important member of the Space Squadron team. Besides the plot, Ziggs’ gameplay in Adventure mode is also extremely versatile, not only helping to heal teammates but also dealing tons of damage to enemies.

With the Short-lived upgrade, Ziggs’s Passive Frenzy reduces his cooldown to just 2 seconds, and Ziggs’ basic attacks deal a lot more magic damage with this passive. Not to mention, the cooldown will be reduced every time Ziggs uses a Skill, so with this Upgrade, Ziggs will almost become a “Sniper” magic damage with extremely quality basic attacks. .

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