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Earn to Die 2 is the sequel to the popular game Earn to Die on Android and iOS by NPH Dopple. You will drive your car through the hordes of zombies to the other side of the country to get to the evacuation ship. Here’s how to play Earn to Die 2 to defeat those zombies.

You just downloaded Earn to Die 2 on Android and iOS can be done with some advice on what to focus on and what to do. Although Earn to Die 2 does not have a specific beginner’s guide, but with How to play Earn to Die 2 The following might make it a bit simpler for you.

how to earn to die 2

Earn to Die 2 tips for beginners

1. Earn to Die 2 download link for free on Android and iOS

– Link to download Android version: Earn to Die 2 for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Earn to Die 2 for iPhone

2. Earn to Die 2 tips for everyone

Earn to Die 2 offers a lot of buttons, but you don’t really have to manipulate your car as much as we think, specifically as follows:
– Light touches on the left or right spin button on the edge of the screen will help the most here. But you should not overdo it as they will only flip your vehicle and can damage the movement.
– However, keep your finger on the button Acceleration (acceleration). If you stop, the game is over, whether you have gas or not.
– Use the button Boost sparingly since you only have a limited supply. The ideal time to activate it is when you are about to go up a ramp. You can levitate, giving you an amount Boost needed and travel longer distances.

how to earn to die 2 go far away from home

– Once you’ve fully upgraded, be careful about rushing into any barriers that are too strong. If you want to maintain your speed, you should avoid losing any part of the vehicle.
– Vehicles can be destroyed with wheels, boosters and more from them. That can easily affect how far you get on your latest run.
– You can buy more fuel before you start moving but you should do this sparingly.
– Don’t bother buying fuel early. Instead, focus on buying spare parts or upgrades with that money.
– Use more fuel when you were close to the control point in the previous run but couldn’t pass. Usually, it will get you there without much difficulty.

how to earn to die

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3. Tips to play Earn to Die 2 to upgrade the most effective vehicle

Ideally, you should try to keep things balanced when upgrading. However, some things will seem more attractive than others, you can prioritize them before others for more efficient movement.
– Upgrade Engine which means you can accelerate faster as well as get better fuel economy. Both are great for achieving fast long distance travel, so try to prioritize upgrading them earlier.
– Upgrade Transmission will increase your top speed. Again, it’s quite useful because higher speed means you’ll travel longer distances.
Wheels (wheels) for better traction, allowing you to go uphill efficiently. In the early levels, this is not a big deal, but later stages have many hills, making the wheel a much more important update.
– Buying Gun (gun) means you can automatically shoot at zombies until you run out of ammo. Ammo supply is always very limited and although you will make more money this way, it is not so useful, upgrade the last gun..

meow earn to die 2 for people

– Buying Booster be great. It’s relatively cheap and means you can speed up over certain obstacles or over ramps. It doesn’t last long so it’s not as useful as an upgrade Enginebut it’s still pretty handy from time to time and worth the upgrade.
– Change Weight helps your vehicle’s weight be reallocated, which means it’s easier for you to get past things like hurdles and zombies. It’s a subtle but moderately useful improvement, especially if you continue to find yourself stuck in the middle of zombie blockades.
Armor less likely to suffer significant damage on impact, this is not an early upgrade priority but if you find your vehicles damaged then update them, this is when it’s time to upgrade your armor.
– Upgrade Fuel Tank (fuel tank, fuel) is quite easy to understand. More fuel means you can go further, that’s the whole point of the game, an important one.

Huong dan play earn to die 2
Once you’ve maxed things out, you’ll get an extra boost of motivation, so make sure you don’t need to hoard any money. Earn to Die 2 is designed in such a way that it requires you to maximize almost everything to move on to the next stage. Hope with the sharing about How to play Earn to Die 2 going far most effectively will be useful to readers.

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