GTA 5: Easy and quick vehicle repair tips

If unfortunately the vehicle is damaged while playing Grand Theft Auto VPlease use car repair cheat of GTA 5 to bring them back with no effort.

Car crashes in GTA 5

If you are a fan of GTA, you will know that vehicle failure situations are quite common in San Andreas. From catching a mechanic, chasing high speed or running straight into the city center, your vehicles always look as if they’ve just passed through hell. Therefore, please use GTA 5 hacking tips specializing in car repair for this situation.

Cheap car repair tips in GTA 5

Before you get started, you need to know that there is really no way to cheat car repair in GTA 5. Once your vehicle is decomposed, it cannot be saved in its original state on the PC version. However, you can apply some tips, not cheats. All are easy to use but surprisingly effective. Below are some great free or cost-effective car repairs for you.

Change characters in GTA 5

Character transfer

This GTA 5 tip has been discovered since the first release of Grand Theft Auto, Rockstar has not patched this vulnerability yet. So, switch characters every time your car breaks down. Somehow, it will magically return to its original state.

Details of car repair steps in GTA 5 PC are as follows:

  1. Log in the game, get your vehicle and drive it around the city of San Andreas.
  2. Switch to any character you like (Franklin, Trevor or Michael).
  3. Quickly return to the original character when you start playing.
  4. The car will return to its original appearance without having to spend a penny on repairing.
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However, this trick does not completely restore the vehicle, meaning some damage will remain. However, it is a way to significantly reduce repair costs.

Save and reload

Another trick to fix the car in GTA 5 is to save the current session. Then, reload the game and find your vehicle in its original state.

Save the game GTA 5

Buy a garage

This is one of the reasons why you are often advised to save enough money to buy a garage in GTA 5 as soon as possible. It is not only a place to keep vehicles undamaged, but also to repair them. To do this GTA 5 car repair tip, put the broken car in the garage. Then exit by another means and re-enter the garage. You will see that the damaged vehicle is ready to work again.

Buy a garage in GTA 5

Buy a customization store

When playing GTA 5 as Franklin, you have the option of buying one of the Custom shops in Los Santos. Once purchased, all repairs and upgrades of your vehicle are completely free.

Remember: All of the above tips do not require you to enter any GTA 5 cheat code. You can take advantage of these tips to make your street robber experience more enjoyable.

Super cars in GTA 5

If you still like to use cheats, you can apply the GTA 5 cheat codes below in combination with the above vehicle repair tips to increase fun while playing the game:

  • Buzzard attack helicopter: BUZZOFF
  • Aerobatics: BARNSTORM
  • Chemical spreader: FLYSPRAY
  • Dodo seaplane: EXTINCT
  • Kraken Sub: BUBBLES
  • Duke O’Death: DEATHCAR
  • Comet sports car: COMET
  • Rapid GT sports car racing: RAPIDGT
  • Limo: VINEWOOD
  • Garbage dumpster: TRASHED
  • Caddy Golf Car: HOLEIN1
  • Sanchez Terrain Motorbike: OFFROAD
  • PCJ motorcycle: ROCKET
  • BMX bicycle: BANDIT
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Above are some car repair tips in GTA 5 fast, compact and least expensive. If you know any other way, please share with readers offline!

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