Tips and tactics for playing to help you win

Aquapark io tip 6 - Emergenceingame is a great water slide game you should not miss this summer. Play for free and you can apply the tips below to win. for iOS is a free online fun game that is causing fever in the world. Despite its simple water slide gameplay, it’s free gameplay attract unbelievable customers again. The player’s main goal is to get to the end of the slide as quickly as possible by all means. Contrary to the usual water slide rule, the game encourages people to jump off the slide to find shortcuts and take down all opponents on the slide.

Gameplay sounds simple but conquering not as easy as you think. The following tips will help you quickly become a champion.

Useful tips for playing Aquapark.ioHow to play the best water slide game

  • Target below: In some maps, you can instantly jump off the current slide and go down the pipe below. In situations like that, you can almost win absolutely, but it requires some difficult maneuvers.
  • Do not be greedy: You only get momentum when you slide for a short time. If you aim too far, you will lose it and be disappointed in the results.
  • Do small but frequent tricks: On almost every level, skipping long slides is almost impossible. Therefore, you should be cautious every time you intend to jump distances to go faster. The rule to remember is to never slide normally for a full lap, jump and resume the slide after the turn is over.
  • Money is not a matter of concern: You don’t need to collect all the coins on the slide because it doesn’t matter. The main goal of the game is to defeat opponents with all kinds of tricks. So you need more skills.
  • Kill or be killed: You do not need to take out all other opponents on the water slide. However, sometimes action is needed to kick them off the slide in order to move further forward. If you don’t, your opponent will beat you and you have to start over.

Update: June 22, 2019

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