How to fix the error when playing the Truth Arena Mobile game

The Truth Mobile Arena is on its way to being officially launched in Vietnam and is receiving great attention from the Vietnamese gaming community. However, the game version of Truth Arena Mobile’s dignity at this time still has some small bugs that need to be fixed when playing. Below will guide you how to fix errors frequently encountered when playing the game The Truth Arena Mobile.

Common mistakes when playing Truth Arena Mobile

Error of unable to download APK file on Android device

Download game Truth Arena Mobile for Android

Click download the APK file according to the download link above using the Chrome web browser.

Error can not install file on Android device

This error occurs causing the configuration not to meet the requirements of the game, only supporting 64 bit mobile phone systems.

Configure and install the game Arena Truth Mobile

  • Android OS 7 and above
  • Greater than or equal to 1.5G of RAM
  • Hardware / Chipset 64-bit

Install the game but can’t access the game

The system requires players to download the 500mb update package, after downloading this update package you can enter the game as usual.

Error 0.0% – checking for updates

The 0.0% load error is currently extremely annoying for gamers. In fact, this phenomenon occurs because the Truth Arena Mobile server is becoming overloaded, so we have to completely turn off the Truth Arena game on our phone and then access it again. Besides, take a moment to count people to visit or log into the game during off-peak times.

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Fix stop error at login screen TCL Mobile

The name error is Error Code: 67118316: 0This error usually occurs when the number of users is too large. At this point we will continuously press the game access button until we can enter the game screen.

Error Code: 67118316: 0 tre
Error Code Error Code: 67118316: 0 when logged in DLT

The Truth Behind The scenes Mobile is not installed

This error will occur because your device configuration is not enough, so the game cannot proceed with the installation. At this point you need to upgrade your device to ensure that the game minimum configuration is in order to install the Arena of Truth Mobile.

It could also be due to the fact that we haven’t licensed the unknown app yet. You can do this:

Go to the application SettingSecurity Allows apps of unknown origin.

Error not installed Truth Arena Mobile
Error not installed Truth Arena Mobile

Waiting in queue error – Fix the queue error

The Waiting in queue error is caused by the large number of people on the same server, exit that server and access another server with less players by creating a new account and choosing a less desolate area like server Australia. At this point we also need to use the Fake IP application.

Fixes the Truth queues Mobile Legends
Fixed a bug in the queue of Truth Mobile

Above are some common errors when playing the game Arena Truth Mobile. Hopefully you will quickly fix the error successfully according to our instructions.

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