Handbook “weightlifting” in Call Of Duty Mobile you need to know

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It can be said that Call Of Duty is gradually becoming a monument FPS game New in the Vietnamese gaming community is not wrong. Based on a variety of gameplay, combining many fighting styles such as death, taking place … character systems and diverse weapons, the number COD players Increasing is understandable. But for single players, how to easily win these CODM battles. Please refer to the following section of the article!

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In FPS games, the player’s skills are very important, besides the support and coordination of teammates, their own tactics. Besides that are the basic tips that we should not ignore.

1. Level up, level up as quickly as possible:

The first time after creating an account is a milestone where we level up very easily, so please take the time to “plow” to quickly unlock and own the Free guns available in the Shop store. Besides, also helps players quickly catch up with the gameplay, the types of maps in the game.

Some tips you can apply here:

  • Play Multiplayer mode (MP) and choose maps like Bomber, Take Up Points, Fight As long as there is a fighting time for as long as possible. Because it will help you gain more XP experience.
  • When unlocked Battle Royale (BR) survival mode then let’s play. The experience points in this mode are much higher than the other parts!
  • Try to win a positive KDA and win as many games as possible.
  • In some time frames the server will appear x2 XP event, you take advantage to plow in Multiplayer mode and Battle Royale a lot.
  • Also during this time, let’s shape and practice for yourself a few guns for you to use.
  • Make the most of special weapons as well as chain cards to increase your support stats in the match.

See also: How to use a Chain of Points item in CODM.

Level up quickly and try hard the cabinet weapons
Level up quickly and try hard the cabinet weapons

2. Correctly understand and use gun accessories correctly:

For many FPS beginners, the accessory system in CODM will be a bit confusing and confusing. Which accessories should be installed? Putting everything on the gun will be strong auto reasonable?

Besides the usual stats like Damage, Accuracy, Stability, and Maneuverability, all of these are balanced. Because they are all equally important. But according to the experience of many CODM players, new players should prioritize the Accuracy index.

Gun's Accuracy should be increased first
Gun’s Accuracy should be increased first


With Sightseeing barrel will have:

  • Basic viewfinder: The type has a red dot when we zoom up, helping to shoot more accurately at the target.
  • Holo: Better aiming, but narrower distance compared to the basic muzzle.
  • 1.5x Aiming: Zoom increase by 1.5 times.

Laser light is the type of accessory that is mounted at the top of the gun, which increases the accuracy when we shoot in Scan mode – usually, without Zoom.

Rear handle: Support the manipulation of bringing the gun up to aim faster, thereby giving the advantage in close combat and surprise.

Front handle: Helps reduce gun recoil when the player is aiming.

3. Choose a reasonable shooting mode with each player’s style:

Of course this will come with each person, and each has different shooting and control styles. So you learn and reinstall the control buttons, shooting mode carefully in the Settings section.

"Weightlifting" successful in CODM or not?
“Weightlifting” success in CODM or not?

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