Tips for a lot of gold in the game My Talking Tom

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My Talking Tom (also known as My Tom) is a famous virtual cat game on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Tom cat care has become a daily routine not only for children but also for everyone.

And if really is a Fan of Tom CatPerhaps players are not only interested in how to take care of cat Tom how to make sense or how to raise a cat Tom fast, but most people also want to know how to make a lot of money. gold money to buy utensils, food for the cat Tom. Today,, vn will guide you to some tips to play “Maximum” amount of gold in My Talking Tom. Please note, this is a game trick not to hack My Talking Tom or cheat game.

You can refer to some instructions for My Tom under:

>>> Tips to take care of cat Tom grow fast like blowing

>>> How to play the game My Talking Tom

Download Talking Tom Free for Android, Windows Phone, iOS.

Whether the cat Tom grows fast or not depends largely on the purchase of utensils, food for it (increasing experience exponentially). That’s why making a lot of money is “extremely” important right?

Play mini games

Access to the game store of My Tom by clicking on the icon circled in red below:

My Talking Tom

Take My Tom to the playground

Lots of mini games are built in my talking tom, you can freely choose to play games from all genres from speed games, girlfriend games, strategy games, intellectual games. This is the best way to make a lot of gold coins in the game. Because with only 15 minutes of intensive play, you can earn a decent amount of gold ranging from 500 to 700 gold depending on your gaming ability. For example, it only takes 5 minutes to play shooting Bubble Shotter You can earn between 80 and 100 gold. Shoot ball is also considered the easiest game to earn gold in My Tom. Next up is the game Flappy Tom, following the cult Flappy Bird, can also help you make more money. Because just go through a sewer pipe you can earn 1 cent already.

My Talking TomMy Talking TomMy Talking Tom

The game earns a lot of gold in My Talking Tom

Daily duty “Daily Challenge”

The sign to identify you with a daily task is a red exclamation mark that appears on the Level icon in the right corner of the screen. Click to view the mission.

My Talking TomMy Talking tomMy Talking Tom

The daily quests are very diverse so please be sure to do exactly as the game asks you to. That may be the achievement of certain goals in the game. For example, in the picture above, your task will be to touch at least 14 smileys in less than 30 seconds in the game Happy Face before you earn 120 gold. Or simply feed Tom a food, buy clothes for Tom as required. As a side note, the daily quest will end if “time left” indicates 00:00! You see, completing the daily quests is not too difficult and does not take much time and you can still earn a lot of coins, this bonus also increases with the number of days played. So, please visit My Talking Tom often.

Every day you also receive a surprise gift from Talking Tom, which is usually gold coins and mainly asks to see ads to earn coins.

Take advantage of the Free Coin item in the shopping cart

My Talking Tom

To use this feature, you need a network connection. You will get

  • 150 gold if subscribed to the channel My Talking Tom of the publisher on YouTube
  • 150 gold if receiving email by email
  • Complete a mission (requires downloading more games in the ad): receive a fixed amount of gold from 80 to 150 gold
  • 150 gold if logged in Facebook
  • 50 gold when watching video
  • 20 gold for participating in mini games

Shop reasonably

As mentioned in the previous tutorials, you should only buy the required items and foods in the daily quest or have the ability to quickly gain experience to help you. Tom Cat big fast. You need to calculate so that Tom can eat 100% full and still save a lot of gold. For example, buying 2 types of 7 gold (increase 35%) and 2 types of 3 gold (increase 15%) can feed Tom cat 100% and only cost 10 gold.

Above are some tips to hopefully help you earn maximum gold coins in the game. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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