Great technique to use Chrome that you should know

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Using Chrome is known to everyone, but to use it effectively and wisely, not everyone knows how. Refer to the Chrome tutorial below for more details.

When using a computer, most of the time we use it next to the browser instead of any other software or game. Currently, most people use Chrome as the default browser, so we will summarize how to use it Chrome that you should know below.

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Change profile

During use, you will have to work with many accounts, as well as with many different purposes. Therefore, to separate Email, Bookmarks, or History, you should change profiles to work more efficiently.

Refer Create Users on Google Chrome For more details.

Battery tabs

To pin a tab to the browser and keep it there, you can use the pin tabs feature on Chrome. After being pinned, the tab will be minimized and pushed to the left. You can quickly access it whenever you want.

To pin a tab, right-click on the tab and select Battery Tab.

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Using the Home button

The Home button is the icon for quick access to the favorite page you set up earlier. Every time you click on the Home icon, you will access your favorite website, for example

To set the address for the Home button, go to Settings > Show Home button > Changeand enter the address.

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Use keyboard shortcuts

Shortcuts on Chrome also have the same task as other software. It gives you quick access to options, settings, features with just the keys on the keyboard.

Some important Chrome shortcuts.

  • Reopen all closed tabs: Ctrl + Shift + T (PC) or Command + Shift + T (Mac).
  • Bookmark all open tabs: Ctrl + Shift + D (PC) or Command + Shift + D (Mac).
  • Move to the next tab: Ctrl + Tab (PC) or Command + Option + Right (left) Button (Mac).

Above are the Great Techniques to use Chrome that you should know. It not only helps you work faster, but also more efficiently and accurately. Also refer to 5 Functions of Google Chrome For more details.

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