How to change the language in the latest CorelDRAW

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By changing the language in CorelDRAW, you can easily switch to any language, be it your national language, or the common language…, making it simple to use the application. simpler.

To learn how to change the language in CorelDRAW how? Readers, please refer to the following article of to learn the detailed steps.

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Instructions on how to change the language in CorelDraw

Tip: To download CorelDRAW to your device and install it, visit here.

=> Link to download CorelDRAW for Windows
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1. Change language with Options

CorelDRAW X7 supports various languages ​​that can be accessed and used by the user in case if these languages ​​are installed with the application during initial setup.

The steps to change the language in CorelDRAW are quite simple, you just follow the steps below:

Step 1: Open CorelDRAW, then click menu Tools =>Options to view user settings on CorelDRAW.

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Step 2: Click to select item Global to display available languages.
Step 3: Select any language from the menu Select the Language for the user interface drop-down.

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Step 4: To change the language on the user interface and the Help menu when starting the application, check the box Ask me the next time the software starts.

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Step 5: Finally restart the application to apply the change.

2. Add languages ​​in CorelDRAW

Step 1: Close all running applications on the computer, including CorelDRAW. The next step opens the Control Panel window.
Step 2: On the Control Panel window, find and click Uninstall a Program in the item Program.
Step 3: On the next window, double click on CorelDRAW Graphics Suite.
Step 4: Enable option Modify, then click select Next.
Step 5: In the section Writing toolsfind and check the box next to the language you want to install, add.
Step 6: Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
The above article has just shown you how to change the language in CorelDRAW. Hope the above article has provided you with useful information. You can refer to more How to crop bitmap images in CorelDRAW here.

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