Fortnite – Riding an enemy headshot missile.. while riding on another rocket

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Fortnite With his unique gameplay, he always witnessed extremely creative handling from the gaming community. Especially with the “bug” riding a rocket, which is Epic Games deliberately kept after receiving a positive response from the community, gamers also have crazy handling phases countless times. That is also the case with gamer CJLito.

There when the match in the final round where CJLito only needed to kill one more life to win the Top 1, he suddenly came up with a very crazy idea. There with the help of his friend, who just fired the Rocket Launcher…. CJLito immediately jumped on the rocket with the shotgun in hand.


But things didn’t turn out that simple because CJLito still had another idea in mind. Instead of waiting for the missile to fly over the enemy’s location and raise the gun to fire, this guy decided to activate the Emote – a funny move that the character can perform in the game. And the Emote that CJLito chose was Rocket Rodeo… or roughly translated as “Riding a rocket”, before turning on the aim and headshot of the enemy with a single bullet. Witnessing the image of riding 2 rockets at the same time and the headshot winning the Top 1, viewers can see this as a way to humiliate the opponent at the highest level that a Fortnite player can do.

Perhaps it is also because of the crazy things that gamers can do that Fortnite is becoming one of the most popular games today. If you want to do it yourself or simply want to step into Fortnite, you can check out the instructions to download and play the PC version here.. as well as register for the Mobile version below:

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