Bot Smashers – Looking forward to the brother of Paladins

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Recently, Hi-Rez Studios, the Pladins development team announced a new title new mobile game named Smashers . Bot. On the official website, they have revealed that the game is prepared for players to test first on computers, but the specific time is still a mystery.

As revealed in the video, this is a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) game or simply a real-time strategy game. In general, the game possesses 3D graphics, and the design is quite simple, the gameplay is quite similar to many games of the same genre that are hot today like Clas Royale.


In the game 1vs1 will be divided into two teams blue and red. Both need to devise a strategy, build barracks and defend their towers. The game will be played in half, in turn, the two sides will send troops to attack the enemy’s barracks, the robot towers will also be in a fixed form. You can also upgrade your robot to increase its fighting power.


You must have had some interest in the game through the video above, right? The design and gameplay are simple but not boring, with the interest of a large number of gamers, developers hope the game will create a fever in the village. mobile games world. All news about Bot Smashers will be updated the fastest by Emergenceingame.Com.

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