05 Golden Generals make 3Q Teenager players stand still

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Sima Yi – excellent in the military & excellent in politics

If in the history of the Three Kingdoms, Sima Yi was respected and received many responsibilities to protect and develop the Wei Kingdom, then in Teenager 3Q, this character becomes a Golden General, playing an important role in the battle squad. This golden general is biased towards random anger reduction, magic, endurance support (healing ability) for our entire battle squad.


Sima Yi has two basic skills including Lang Co Hong & Summoning U Minh, both skills terrify enemies with huge magic damage stats – up to 203%.

Cam Ninh – a war general who is out of the law but very chivalrous

Because the background of this general Dong Ngo is quite complicated, so it has the above product. Cam Ninh was originally a pirate, he built his own army from a very young age. He wanders around, helps the weak & takes care of the poor. Cam Ninh is not only good at walking, but his water skills also make the enemy panic.


In this Asia’s No. 1 general card game, Cam Ninh is simulated in favor of physical strength – stuns the front row. This golden general is known for his two skills, including Fu Ba Kich Luu, Lau Boat Dap Lang. These two skills both have a very high rate of physical damage, Long Boat Tramp Lang causes the enemy’s front row to take up to 241% of physical damage – a number that is really interesting.

Truong Giac – famous medical baccalaureate

In the Three Kingdoms Dien Nghia, many people mention Truong Giac as the leader of the Yellow Turban. However, the reputation that this character has is the ability to cure diseases and save people, gaining the trust of the world. Based on this, the shape of Kim General Truong Giac in Teenager 3Q is also simulated not too different from the history of the Three Kingdoms.


Truong Giac has two basic skills: Lei Dinh Kiet, Thuong Thien Tu, similar to Kim General Sima Y – this character is also prone to magic damage, in which Thuong Thien Tu causes the entire enemy side to suffer 151%.

Ma Sieu vs Dien Vi – “Couple” of the divine generals

This pair of Generals is causing pain to many players. Both Ma Sieu and Dien Vi are prone to physical damage (Dien Vi deals damage vertically), the damage index these two martial generals create is extremely huge, able to finish the opponent quickly.


Dien Wei belongs to the Wei country, has two basic skills, Man Niu Kite, and Evil Lai Brave. Meanwhile, Ma Sieu followed Thuc’s side, including the basic skills of Breaking the Army, Strike the Air. The particularly interesting common point of these two generals lies in the release of the Chop Strike – a prominent feature of 3Q Teenager. Ma Sieu vs Dien Vi will have Than Dung Phu, going with Trieu Van will show Tie De Dap Phu. And Dien Vi combined with Hua Chu will have Tiger Cavalry Chong Phu.

All 5 Kim generals Tu Ma Y, Cam Ninh, Truong Giac, Ma Sieu, Dien Vi and 02 generals Trieu Van, Hua Chu are currently extremely loved and desired by 3Q Teenagers. On the fanpage as well as the game community group, there is no shortage of comments like “It’s hard to find Sima Yi“; “Love this guy but never had a chance to meet him“; “sit and look and crave, only in dreams”; “You have to be able to film it all the time”; …

According to the sharing from the Board of Directors, Kim General will be continuously released by 3Q Teenager to meet the needs of gamers. It is expected that in the near future, in addition to in-game updates, launching new servers, giving away hoodies, etc., this super product will have some more playgrounds for gamers to get closer together, building a community together. strong and sustainable copper

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