Give up on the husband who pretends to be angry to get his wife to buy a mechanical keyboard and the end

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For the followers of PC games, needless to say in the list of peripherals for computers, how important the mouse and keyboard are. A good set of keyboards can help you gamer easier to manipulate in the game, so that it is easier to win with fighting and tactical games. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand when many players spend a large amount of money to invest in their work.

Like the guy below, it is not an exception when he decides to buy himself a “baby”. However, this is indeed the husband of the year when not buying on his own, but also carefully through the opinion of his future wife, even though he bought it with his own money. As the general psychology of women, seeing that their husbands buy expensive things to play games, they are somewhat hesitant because they should advise their husbands to buy cheaper ones. This husband is so “muddy” that he can’t come back … angry with his wife, decided to buy and ask to buy a “genuine” keyboard as originally planned.


This humorous situation was shared by the wife herself on a net game forum to ask for opinions of “high-class people” to see “what is so special about this keyboard that nearly 5 million”. It is known that this is mechanical keyboard Corsair K95 RGB Platinum is commented by some people that it is meticulously processed, sharp details, customizable RBG leds, comes with software, installs leds to the rhythm of music, materials for the feeling of pressing keys. the best…vv Reading the wife’s share, many people even commented teasingly: “The 5 old keyboard will be your husband’s second wife”, “The mistake is too big, then one day his husband will forget that he has a wife”…


After a few days of pondering, the husband of the year finally got his wish. But it is true that “the elephant asks for Hai Ba Trung”, the mechanical keyboard is not the final goal. Being able to be led by his wife to buy this husband immediately “beat” the whole machine. “And the machine must have a good speaker, so you should whip more speakers, but if you buy a good machine, you have to wash it, how much money you can make all year for him.” Funny wife re-shared.


Although he was nagged a bit by his wife, it must be recognized that this is the best husband of the year when his wife lets him go shopping for a big Tet like this!

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