Latest Overwatch Hero: Ashe DPS Using Rifles and Shotguns

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hero Overwatch the latest was an old acquaintance of McCree’s, Elizabeth Caledonia Ashe. She was announced at the opening of BlizzCon with the new animation:

Ashe is a DPS hero who fights with a semi-automatic gun, The Viper, which she can aim for extra damage. The possibility that Dynamite is a slow-exploding grenade, or being shot at, will explode. Her second move is more interesting: Coach Gun is a double-barreled shotgun that can be used to knock enemies out or ‘shoot the ground’ to send her into the air.

Finally, Ashe’s ultimate is Bob. She will call out her giant robot, “rush and knock the enemy away” then use the gun to overwhelm everyone.

Bob is not just an “ultimate”

In the event Overwatch: What’s Next at BlizzCon, we learn Bob is not a Turret. Bob is like another hero in the game when it comes to appearance, which means that Bob can be healed, buffed and debuffed, or used to capture bases (Blizzard recommends using Nano Boost on Bob).

However, Bob is not currently counted as a hero, due to Blizzard’s problems. For example, calling Bob during a warmup while waiting for a player might start the game if Bob is the ‘last player’ that everyone needs. Other than that, Bob is seen as a temporary hero, to create interesting combat potentials in the squad.

We still don’t know when Ashe will appear in the test server, but it seems like a very interesting hero to play, especially the shotgun jump.

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