Get free SpellForce 2 – Legendary tactical hybrid worth 15 USD

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If you are a longtime PC gamer, the name SpellForce This series of games listed in this monument is one of the first names to “mix blood” strategy with role-playing to create a gameplay into a super product. th version SpellForce 2 also push this unique style to a whole new level, continuing to captivate the hearts of players many years ago.


After a long journey, the developers continue to thank the fans by updating SpellForce 2 with a new graphics platform capable of supporting the most modern technologies today. Name SpellForce 2: Anniversary Editionthis version of the game is sold with 15 USD.. or about 340,000 VND. But for gamers who do not have enough money to buy the game license, today SpellForce 2: Anniversary Edition has officially been given free copyright, ready for gamers to download and enjoy this super product right now. .

All you need to do is access the link below and click on the “Download Free Game” box to start downloading and installing SpellForce 2 on your PC today.


After downloading the installation file to your computer, the game will automatically lead you back to Continue to enter Email to register for a free account here, the installation file will automatically download the data and complete the installation process. After entering the game and experiencing about 5-10 minutes of Gameplay (required), SpellForce 2: Anniversary Edition will belong to you forever.


Please also note that this event only takes place until the end of November 29, so readers should hurry up and download this $15 game right away.​

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