Doki Doki Literature Club – Thought Hot Girl turned out to be the sickest creepypasta game of 2017

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Gamers are no stranger to the genre Visual Novels or Japanese visual novel.. where most of the main character is a certain guy surrounded by very sweet hot girls. Usually, the player will start with a lot of dialogue, then decide to pursue a certain character through many different answers. Doki Doki Literature Club – Doki Doki . Poetry Club (PC)… gave gamers exactly that image when stepping into the game’s color world.


There you will get to know Sayori – a girl who celebrates happiness above all, Natsuki – cute with great communication skills, Yuri – quiet and mysterious but loves to find joy in books. And finally Monika – the head girl of this poetry club. After meeting each person, you will begin to get acquainted and learn more deeply about their personality and life, thereby choosing a true love for yourself..


But few people know, Doki Doki Literature Club tagged in category “Psychological horror” on the system Steam. Neither the system’s fault nor the developer’s, Doki Doki Literature Club is exactly a title horror game put on attractive clothes of Anime girls. And let me tell you, its horror is far beyond the super products we have ever known.


Once you get to know each girl, you will find that deep inside them is a person that is disgusting and terrifying countless times. Through their fantasy poems, you will gradually discover horrifying truths about the nature of each person. But as soon as you feel your doubts start to rise, Doki Doki Literature Club immediately gives you a real shock.


Imagine at some point the girl you are in love with in the virtual world suddenly appears with distorted images and misleading lines and then takes control of your own mouse. Yes, it’s exactly taking over the real-life mouse you’re holding in your hand to click on options you don’t want to.. and then implicitly tell you she knows she’s just a game character. As if to make the player’s fear push to the climax, Doki Doki Literature Club can also display error screens, only the only text on it is just the sentence “Help me”.

“Hi, can we get to know each other?”

If you are a person who considers himself brave enough, if you are a person who does not believe in Internet myths and above all is passionate about the genre. Creepypasta.. you can download it for free Doki Doki Literature Club and start the journey to enjoy this strange thing right here:

But please note, the last line on the game page that the developer tells gamers is: “The game is not suitable for children and for the weak”. This is the final warning.

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