Genshin Impact is about to launch a series of super events, opening a new Map

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Genshin Impact is making waves on both PC and Mobile, allowing gamers to travel to colorful landscapes and find mysteries that are still lurking somewhere. But while many people still haven’t fully explored Genshin Impact, the developer miHoYo has announced a super update roadmap for its pet.


Specifically, Genshin Impact will update every 6 weeks, or about 1 and a half months, with a focus on events that are diverse and based on many different cultures. Some of them are the Wind Flower Festival, the Bridge Ceremony, the Lighthouse Festival, the Moon Watching Ceremony…etc. The first Update version will be released on 11/11 this year with the event The Star Has Not Returned.

Then on December 23, Genshin Impact will officially open a new map area called Long Tich Tuyet Son with related events, but it is unclear how big this new area will be and whether there will be a new map. the puzzle and exploration features are the same as the existing two zones in the game.

Finally, in February 2021, miHoYo is expected to launch New Year’s Eve. In addition to providing information about upcoming updates, the developer also ensures that it will try to fix all the problems that players are facing. With a thorough and long-term development plan, perhaps miHoYo wants to fulfill its ambition to bring Genshin Impact into the top of the most successful games worldwide.

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