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You access Garena but the system sends “Incorrect account/password”, you can apply the Garena password recovery method to recover the password effectively. If you’re afraid to forget, save that password.

This article helps you:
– There is a link to access the password reset
– Recover the password to access the game Garena

Garena is one of the social networks that provide a game connection environment in the world. Garena not only allows players to connect games with each other but also publishes famous games like Fifa Online 3, League of Legends.


How to Get Garena password, recover password

You can sign up for Garena to join the same hobby with game lovers everywhere. Creating and registering garena is also extremely quick and simple for you to own a Garena account for yourself.

When creating a Garena account, gamers will be registered with an account name along with a Garena account password, after using it for a while, please change the Garena password as both a way to protect the account and to you don’t forget and right recover Garena password.

Installing Garena is also a necessity if you want to participate in famous games like Fifa Online 3 or League of Legends. You can see and follow the steps to install garena that have been guided by in detail. Here will continue to guide you to recover your garena password.

Retrieve Garena’s Password

Step 1: To retrieve Garena password we need to follow the link HERE.
Step 2: In this you only need nEnter the email address to use to log in to your account and then re-enter the correct details Captcha code and click next.
Step 3: Here Garena will force you to confirm the phone number, if you remember then of course that is not a problem anymore. Otherwise, choose authenticate otherwise is email authentication.
happy mat garena
Step 4: Next we need to correctly enter our login account name to be able to retrieve the Garena pass. Please note that login account name not Email, if you type Email in, it will report wrong.
good luck with garena
In case the system informs that the password cannot be changed at this time > this means that your account has a problem or has not met the previous conditions such as account confirmation, phone number or email. This problem you need contact customer support by Garena.
please pass garena
Otherwise, there will be a message confirming the arrival of the code to your Email address, of course we choose OK To confirm.
reset password garena
Step 5: Go to your email address and activate according to the code sent to you, note that this code only lasts for a period of 2 minutes.
Step 6: Then enter the code in the page shown earlier and press confirm to get the job done
Step 7: Now Garena will give you reset new password with a single line, type it carefully and then click confirm and you’re done.
There is a message that the password has been changed successfully, the Garena password recovery has been completed and you can now access the account with the new password.

So you have successfully recovered the garena password, in addition, you should also increase the security of your account by adding security through the phone number. One of the common user errors when connecting games through Garena is the ip looking up error. There are many ways to fix this error, you can refer to the fix article ip looking up error To solve this problem.

In addition, people who connect LAN games such as empire will sometimes encounter the situation of not showing the empire network. You can follow the steps in the article to not show the empire network to fix it.

Garena is software that supports players to play online games such as LAN, the publisher also provides a version on the phone called Gas Garena, this version is different from the Garena version on the computer because here you can watch the news, videos, tutorials about the publisher’s games, along with the regular daily recording feature on Gas. Gas only stops at supporting Android and iOS users, so if you are a Winphone user or don’t use a phone but still want to spin daily, you can use mobile emulators on your device. Calculate to use Gas on your computer, spin and receive rewards

In case the user wants to change the account or switch the account for another person, the first thing to note is to change or delete the old Garena phone number of the account. However, users should note that after deleting the garena phone number, the account will also take a while to be able to add another number.

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