Axie Infinity: Tips to win in Arena

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In Axie Infinity, Arena mode is currently the main source of Smooth Love Potion (SLP). As the PvP mode becomes more and more competitive with bigger rewards, the below tips will help you win more Arena in Axie Infinity.

Tips to win PvP in Axie Infinity

Tips to win in Arena mode (PvP) by Axie Infinity

Understand the strengths and weaknesses of each Axie system

Each Axie has its own strengths and weaknesses similar to Pokemon. Here is the weakness chart for each Axie system in Axie Infinity:

  • Reptile, Plant, Dusk deal 15% more damage than Aqua, Bird, Dawn
  • Aqua, Bird, Dawn deal 15% more damage than Beast, Bug, Mech
  • Beast, Bug, Mech deal 15% more damage than Reptile, Plant, Dusk

While hitting the weak spot doesn’t do double damage like in Pokemon, having 15% more damage will definitely give you a big advantage. Try to utilize Axie’s strengths & weaknesses to your advantage on the battlefield. For those who are new to Axie Infinity, open the table above as soon as you enter the PvP battle!

Arrange suitable Axie position

This is extremely important in every Axie Infinity lineup. Normally, Axie will always attack the enemy closest to them. Therefore, the basic rule is to place Axie tank like Plant in front. Mid lane Axie should combine damage and HP rich species.

The back lane Axie aka “glass cannon” is the main damage dealer but usually has very low HP. They will be the Axie who will deliver the finishing blow and win the fight.

Note, once in the arena, you cannot change Axie’s position so plan carefully in advance. Always check Axie’s skills and stats to determine the right place for them in the squad.

Take advantage of combos

Use attack card combos in Axie Infinity

In Axie Infinity, power combinations can be more effective than individual deployments. For example, one of the most popular combos is Nut Throw & Nut Crack. Both cards deal 105 damage on attack but if combined together for a turn, the damage of the attack launched will be much stronger, up to 120%.

You can refer to the best Axie Match in Axie Infinity on

Don’t be afraid to skip a turn

The player has 3 Energy at the start of a match and gains 2 Energy on each successful round.

Sometimes, especially on the first turn, consider not using a card at all and just passing the turn. This will save your current Energy and carry it to the next round.

When past the first turn, you can win up to 5 Energy for the next round, which allows you to use more cards and create a powerful combo.

This way, you have more chances to kill an enemy Axie in just one turn using a burst of high damage, leaving the opponent with no chance to heal.

In addition, skipping turns also gives you the opportunity to collect more cards for a perfect combo at the right time. So don’t be afraid to skip the turn because you don’t always need to use the card every round.

Beware of Energy theft cards

Energy Steal Card in Axie Infinity

In some rounds, you should avoid skipping and use Energy immediately, especially when the opposing team has your Energy card.

To avoid falling into this situation, use up all Energy on turn 1 because most of the attacks that steal it are usually used in the first place.

You can refer to the Best Cards List for each Axie class to know what the Energy steal cards in Axie Infinity are.

Above are some tips to help you win more in PvP in Arena mode of Axie Infinity. Let’s share other PvP ways you know!

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