Common mistakes that Free Fire players make

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In survival shooters like Garena Free Fire, luck isn’t always on your side. Therefore, knowing to avoid unnecessary mistakes during the game is very necessary. So what are the mistakes that Free Fire players make the most?

Free Fire is the famous survival shooter on the mobile platform. The game has a huge player base and with its growing popularity, more and more new gamers are entering the gaming world. To conquer any game, players need to practice the right habits from moving to avoiding making common mistakes. The following article will point out 5 mistakes that you often encounter in Free Fire that make you have bad results in the game.

But wrong to make Mac players fade in free fire

Summary of mistakes players often make when playing Garena Free Fire

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5 common mistakes that players often make in Free Fire

1. Do not use headphones

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Headsets play a very important role in multiplayer games, especially for shooters. They allow you to hear and perceive sounds more clearly than phone speakers. Unlike PUBG Mobile, Garena Free Fire does not provide an option to display nearby enemy footsteps. Therefore, the only way to detect someone approaching is to wear headphones. In addition, this also provides additional privacy and keeps you from outside noise.

2. Do not move continuously


As you probably know, Free Fire does not have a Bullet Drop mechanism, which means that the bullet follows a downward curve when fired. Free Fire has no such feature. Bullets fly straight no matter how far away. So it’s easy to get a headshot when you’re within the right range. But when the bullet is fired, you must constantly move or hide if you do not want to become an easy target for snipers. However, you can also become a professional sniper if you grasp the secret using sniper rifles in Garena Free Fire that introduced earlier

3. No Ammo Check

5 mistakes make the most of the player who plays garena free fire or mac

Imagine you are approaching your target in an intense gunfight but you only have 3 bullets left while there is about 200 space left in your backpack. You can easily avoid blunders by looking for hiding places and checking your weapons before you attack. Make sure your gun is always locked and full of ammunition. Follow the bar below each weapon to see how much ammo you have left and reload whenever you can.

4. Rushing without checking the situation

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Loot in survival shooters is important, even more so in Free Fire. The relentless search for better gear can sometimes cause you to blindly run into buildings without even thinking that an enemy might be nearby. Don’t make this mistake. Instead, you should take a moment to consider the situation or ask your teammates and check carefully before moving in search of items. Make sure there are no ambushes around.

5. Driving around

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Vehicles in Free Fire are a great way to get around quickly if you’re far from the game area or need to get to a specific location quickly to gain an advantage. Besides that, driving a car or motorbike will only make other people discover your exact location. They can take the opportunity and launch an attack or simply blow you and the car together. The best thing to do is drive to a location near your destination, then switch to walking safely.

In addition, during the game experience, the occurrence of errors is inevitable. This is also a problem that many people face so you need to know more about it How to fix Free Fire error common so that it can be remedied in a timely manner.
Sometimes when it comes to tactics, seemingly insignificant things determine how long you survive in Free Fire. Have you ever made any of these mistakes? If you have, learn from experience to be able to go to the last moments of the match. However, just with experiences like this is not enough, you need to know how Garena Free Fire skill combo most standard to win the top 1 before the final matches.

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