Garena DDTank launches golden week 18/01-24/01 with interesting experiences

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New game mode “untouchable”


Only from January 18 to January 24, gamers DDTank will be challenged with the Burial War, which is a challenge when fighting will not deal damage, can only dig holes to bury the opponent. With the support of full health recovery each turn and prohibited anti-dig items, all players unleashed their jubilant calculation and smashing skills.

Imagine, in a 2vs2 or 4v4 match, everyone digs, digs, moves, dodges and digs! At the end of the match, the battle map will also be destroyed, the winner will only stand on a precarious “cliff”.


Digging is a unique strategy in DDTank along with many other supported tactics such as stacking damage, healing, support …

Legendary Weapon of Shang Gu
Ancient Spear or Ancient Bamboo Gun is not a strange weapon of coordinate shooting lines. Coming to DDTank, Ancient Spear becomes the biggest weapon and has the most unique gameplay.


Using Ancient Spear, players need to have a close-up strategy, “flash close” because the closer they are, the higher the damage done, moreover, they usually shoot up to 3 bullets, standing close will be easier to hit all 3. The unique thing is that Ancient Spear when using Airplane or a special move will always bring a large amount of armor, ensuring that the opponent will have to be wary and “avoid” you at all times.
This will be a weapon that “breaks” the current meta including speeding and digging, creating an interesting counter-attack strategy.


Unique clown costume
For fashionistas, with the 18/01 update, they can shop freely with a series of newly updated costumes, in which the clown set (both male and female) is the highlight of the unique style. , hidden behind the humorous style is a profound, young and mysterious explosion. Suitable for all ages.


This outfit is currently 20% off. Other skins can be easily purchased with Diamonds.


Other experiences and offers
Also in the Golden Week update January 18 – January 25, rare items such as Snow Goddess PET, Dong Tao Chicken PET, Enhanced Stone .. will also be easily obtained to increase combat power.

Garena DDTank has just launched, promising many more updates and exciting experiences to bring to players.​

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