Fans gasped at Blizzard’s HoTS and Mecha combination anime

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  1. The clip called Heroes Mecha Storm has made fans of both HoTS and giant super robots gasp in amazement.

    Characters in Heroes of the Storm of the Blizzard and Mecha (giant robot), which may seem unrelated, turns out to be surprisingly smooth.
    In a short anime with bold Japanese Mecha, Rehgar, Abathur and Tyrael respectively were shown strength in the form of giant machines. Still with the familiar moves, but the heroes of Heroes of the Storm have really overwhelmed fans with a completely new fighting style.


    In fact, this is an anime trailer showcasing the brand new Mecha skins of Rehgar, Abathur, and Tyrael from Heroes of the Storm. However, it seems to have backfired, as fans completely ignored the skins. On the contrary, all people talk about is Blizzard’s ability to make anime.


    Indeed, in less than 2 minutes, this short trailer captures the essence of an anime about Mecha, with an epic battle, magnificent skills, and giant robots. . Many people began to wonder, did Blizzard make this trailer on its own, or did it hire an anime studio to take care of it? Because, although we know that Blizzard is always “talented” to create epic cinematic scenes, this trailer has been completely beyond the imagination of fans. Heroes Mecha Storm? It doesn’t sound unreasonable.


    Here, invite all readers to enjoy this anime:

    Temporarily put aside the fantasy (or not) of a series Anime Mecha Edited by Blizzard himself, many fans are starting to expect something more realistic: Will Blizzard make similar trailers for other characters in the Mecha skins? If not, then what are they waiting for if they haven’t already started going!?


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