Dragon Ball FighterZ’s new character is Ma Bu female version

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Dragon Ball FighterZ is getting closer and closer to gamers, ready to blow fans away 7 Dragon Balls with the most superior combat phases in the virtual world. The main factor that helps Dragon Ball FighterZ do that is sticking to the Manga, letting players relive the images that were associated with their childhood.


However, the title fighting games of Arc System Works also did not forget to add a new “spice” when introducing a character that has never been in the Manga and Anime series. Name Android 21this character was created by author Akira Toriyama himself, making fans very curious about her background.


Although never confirmed to be Dr. Gero’s product, Android 21 describes itself as a “researcher” serving in the ranks of the Red Ribbon Army. The developer’s suggestion is that Android 21 possesses great intelligence.. even surpasses Dr. Gero. However, on the outside, Android 21 presents itself as a rather peaceful character, even playing the role of a “spiritual mother” for Android 18.


However, everything is suddenly completely reversed in the “transformed” version of Android 21. Specifically, with the latest images of Android 21. Dragon Ball FighterZ, Android 21 suddenly became a true female Ma Bu (Majin Buu). Similar to Ma Bu, Android 21 in this form has unlimited hunger and is ready to devour everything. Not only that, she also has the ability to absorb the opponent and absorb all of their power and moves, giving her a name.. Majin Android 21.


This is an interesting episode and promises to be opened when Dragon Ball FighterZ is officially released. The developer also revealed that Android 21’s Ma Bu form is not “original”, so it is possible that she used some technology under the Red Ribbon Army to imitate Ma Bu. Anyway, all will be clear when Dragon Ball FighterZ Released on January 26 here on PC/Console.

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