Gamers sue DDOS members to win a place to fight bosses

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Titles Online Games acts as a miniature society with the interaction between players creating an extremely vivid world. The center of that world is the Guild or Guild, which calls for like-minded gamers to achieve higher goals in the game. That is why for many people Guild is like a family in the virtual world and gamers consider each other like brothers, simply because they will stand together when they step out onto the battlefield. Therefore, stabbing your own teammates in the back to make a profit for yourself is unacceptable.


However such an image just happened to one of the biggest guilds of World of WarCraft. In order for readers to understand this story, we should start with the current state of guilds in World of Warcraft. Accordingly, with the release of Patch 7.3.0, World of WarCraft: Legion allows gamers to follow a new storyline with an attack on the Burning Legion’s capital Argus. With the addition of new content, the World of WarCraft community also has to face Argus The Unmaker – who served as the soul for the planet Argus but was soon corrupted by evil forces.


The thought that Argus was just a mid-level obstacle, now within the first 5 days, no one has been able to subdue this giant boss. That’s why if the guild became the first to defeat Argus, their prestige would be boosted to an unimaginable level. Above all, anyone selected from the Guild to participate in the Argus combat will also receive great honor and extremely valuable rewards. One of the guilds racing in this campaign is Limit.


The story begins with a secondary member of this guild named Adois. According to Guild moderator Jethebelle, Adois is placed on the bench and can only join when the person in the official position dies or crashes. However, for some reason, the player holding the official position in the battle of Argus lost his Internet connection.. immediately let Adois take his place. Things soon became clear when Jethebelle discovered that before participating in the fight Argus had posted a link to the Guild chat group. And the only member who clicked on this link was the one who lost the connection afterwards.


Further investigation of Limit executives discovered that the link Adois posted was an IP collection address. From this link, Adois gets the victim’s IP, performs the attack DDOS causing them to lose connection to the server and automatically giving him an official position in the squad. Immediately after discovering this behavior, Adois was removed from the Limite Guild and publicly informed other famous guilds about Adois’s work. From now on, this account of Adois will definitely no longer be able to join any guild in WOW furthermore, making the ability to participate in large-scale Boss battles almost impossible.

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