Dynasty Warriors 9 reveals weapon crafting and steed training

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Dynasty Warriors 9 is getting closer and closer to the hands of gamers and promises to change the line hack and slash game Legend has broken many hearts. “Weapons” help Dynasty Warriors 9 does that is an extremely large open world environment, allowing players to do whatever they want and participate in countless new activities.

In the latest series of gameplay videos of Dynasty Warriors 9 continues to demonstrate extremely cool activities and features.. for gamers to immerse themselves and feel like they are developing as strong as the characters in the game themselves.


Specifically, Dynasty Warriors 9 will let gamers create weapons for their characters through a “scroll” system, almost a form of sword casting manual. The more rare these manuals are, the more parts they have, requiring gamers to collect from missions or enemy corpses. Not only weapons, but they are also used to craft different types of items with the main goal of supporting the main character’s battle.


Along with that, the steed aspect will also be good Dynasty Warriors 9 care when giving gamers the opportunity to train throughout the length of the war. Initially you will have only mediocre horses with the goal of nothing more than moving. However, if you use them for a certain time, the stamina of these steeds will gradually increase. For example, riding them long distances or often fighting on horseback will push your steed to legendary level..


More than that Dynasty Warriors 9 It also offers a series of gameplay videos for heroes like Hua Chu, Vu Cat or Luc Ton. You can watch these mighty generals in action right here:

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