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Battlefield V released the first image, bringing gamers back to World War 2

After Black Ops 4 introduced not long ago, EA immediately responded with a 12-second teaser introducing about Battlefield DRAW. This is really great news for the worldwide gaming community, especially after the huge success of Battlefield 1 in 2016, the more players have reason to look forward to the launch of the new version. next version of EA.

Of course, not to disappoint players, EA has revealed the launch of this year’s version called Battlefield V, more special in that the game will be set in World War 2, not continue “digging”. deep” into the content of World War 1. However, the sad news is that this Teaser is only 12 seconds long and is not enough to reveal too much to the player about the content of Battlefield V other than revealing how the flags of the two factions are designed. Union (UK) and Fascist (Germany) (At the top, right next to the score bar of 2 Teams).


This is not a “fanmade” clip that was actually made public by EA on its Youtube channel and more surprisingly, EA chose Xbox is the platform that has the right to be widely marketed for this year’s edition. Maybe, just like FIFA 18 choose PS4 Battlefield V will choose the Xbox platform as its marketing partner this year.

Looking closely in this 12-second teaser, gamers can also dimly recognize a few gameplay features such as the health column that will still appear, a simple menu layout and an equally simple weapon bar located in bottom right corner of the frame.


Overall, Battlefield V will be a desirable version for the gaming community FPS this year, especially when Black Ops 4 created an incredible frustration for players after dropping the Campaign. Battlefield V’s launch event will take place on Wednesday, May 23. Emergenceingame.Com will continue to update the information of this game in the near future.

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