Download now Ultimate Custom Night – When all the objects of Five Nights at Freddy’s merge into 1

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The fans of the line horror game must have known the reputation of Five Nights at Freddy’s – The game series has extremely simple gameplay but has punctured many players’ chests with crazy fear. That’s why you will be even more horrified to know that there is a game that goes beyond that when combining the horror elements of all previous Five Nights at Freddy’s versions. Yes that is Ultimate Custom Night.. the game just released for free on the platform Steam.


So what is Ultimate Custom Night? Ultimate Custome Night is the latest product of the creator of Five Nights at Freddy’s – Scott Cawthon. Unlike its predecessors, Ultimate Custome Night gives gamers the freedom to choose who will pursue them in 50 types of foreign objects that appear throughout the series. Not only that, players can also push the difficulty of each category up to 20 different levels, in case you feel your chest hasn’t exploded after encountering those mechanical foreign objects.


In terms of gameplay style, Ultimate Custome Night still follows the essence of the versions FNAF There you will play the role of a character stuck in the office where the monstrous models suddenly come to life and begin the journey to chase the only living soul here. Players will have to alternately watch the 2 main doors, 2 vents as well as 2 air ducts.. all of which lead directly to the office where you are trapped. Using different tools installed inside the room, the player will have to fool and track the other objects… all so that they can’t find their location.


The “joyful” thing is that you can have a heart attack with Ultimate Custom Night for the price… completely free. Exactly, you can download this horror game right to your PC from now on. For gamers who already own a Steam account, you can directly access here to start downloading the game:

For those who do not have Steam, you can also:

Sign up for free Steam:
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