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Gameplay, Online and FIFA Ultimate Team bug fixes

FIFA 18 có bản cập nhật mới sửa lỗi gameplay online và FIFA Ultimate Team - Emergenceingame

EA Sports has released a new update for FIFA 18. According to details, the update fixes many gameplay and online mode bugs. In addition, it also brings some changes to FIFA Ultimate Team.

In more detail, this update fixes a bug that caused players to sometimes control the wrong player in the Skill game section. Moreover, the game also updated the default FIFA Trainer mode for Intro Match (introductory match). In addition, Intro Match now also shows Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

It also adds a slower playback mode to the FUT Champions Channel. Next, it removed the Single Player Camera mode (single camera view) from the list of camera views available in the FUT Champions Channel, as well as the useless Restart button in the Menu bar of the FUT Champions Channel Pause.

Origin will download this patch the next time you run the client and you can find the full details below.

December 1st FIFA 18 PC Update Details:

Fixed the following bugs in Gameplay:

  • Stuck in some situations to celebrate a goal scored by the goalkeeper
  • The celebration was omitted on several occasions after the goal was scored by the goalkeeper.
  • Holding down the dash button will once again cause the goalkeeper to jump up quickly if lying on the ground while holding the ball.
  • Players sometimes control the wrong players in Skill Game.
  • Combining dribbling skills at the same time in Practice Arena makes players disappear.
  • Upgraded FIFA Trainer settings for Intro Match to show both Movement and Mechanics instead of just Movement.

Fixed the following errors in Online mode:

  • The captain or player who just changed captain role to another player will crash or crash the game after inviting another club to the match in Pro Club Friendlies in some cases

Changes for FIFA Ultimate team:

  • Added ability to playback FUT Champions Channel in slow mode (0.5x) compared to normal speed.
  • When changing the speed back, it will rotate to Normal -> Fast -> Slow.
  • Removed Single Player Camera from the list of available camera angles in the FUT Champion Channel.
  • Removed inactive Restart button in Menu bar FUT Champions Channel Pause.
  • Rename FIWC Stadium to FeWC Stadium.

Fixed the following bugs for FIFA Ultimate team:

  • FUT Squads whose basic tactical values ​​were previously misaligned to over 100, have now been restored to their normal default values.
  • There’s a team display bug where the kit the player uses won’t be the one the opponent sees in FUT Online.
  • FUT Squad Battle Feature Squad image not loading properly after fast transitions.
  • Pause Menu bar countdown is changed when displayed on FUT Champions Channel replay.
  • The roster scrolling up and down sometimes shows up at the beginning of the FUT Champion Channel replay.
  • Penalty kick instructions sometimes show up during the penalty kick in the FUT Champions Channel replay.

Fix Audio/Visual/Display:

  • Updated 2D frames for some players.

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