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Fortnite Battle Royale Next Direction

Những hướng đi tiếp theo của Fortnite Battle Royale5 1 - Emergenceingame


Duo and Squad is the best way you can play with your friends! Epic Games realizes that the current feature makes it difficult for us to find and make friends. Now Epic Games is trying to make things easier for you to enjoy the game with everyone, make friends, and list friends from other social networks.

Some regions still don’t have Duo listings, and Epic Games will continue to monitor player counts for each platform and region. Epic Games is working to allow Duo scheduling during crowded hours to make the mode better for everyone.

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Epic Games wants to emphasize the issue of ‘killing you’. They’ll make decisions based on player reports, but the system isn’t clear enough to put to good use, and won’t tell you if Epic Games is up for it or not. This needs improvement. Last week, Epic Games used a wider net to catch current and past boyfriend killers, to issue warnings and bans. Epic Games is working hard to improve this analytics model further, to clean up bad players and in the long run will be able to match players with good reputations.


Epic Games is internally testing a shooting model to eliminate ‘grabbing’ bullets while aiming. They want to improve the ability to shoot while still ensuring the usefulness of the shield when being shot, as long as it does not affect the combat range and the gameplay of the game.

Initial results are quite positive. The changes still require further editing. Epic Games will have client and server test so you can give feedback and test this in December.


Epic Games is fixing the current inventory. The new interface will be clearer and management issues will be easier. Dropping is done by dragging items out of the main inventory, and there are plenty of quick buttons to split and toss halves of looted items for easier sharing. Moreover, it is now simpler to arrange on the quickbar by the handle.

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stat after the game

Epic Games wants to give you a lot of information after the game. Epic Games is trying to put a Post-Match Stats – post-match stats that you can see after being eliminated. The current stats show interesting information, related to your game, and the experience you received after you/your team was eliminated.

Những hướng đi tiếp theo của Fortnite Battle Royale1 - Emergenceingame

Epic Games is seeing a lot of great ideas on Reddit and forums right now, so keep contributing!


Epic Games will add featured POIs (Points of interest) to the map to fill the gaps and introduce more ways to play.

New City POI

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Epic Games will add variety to the map by updating existing locations (such as mountains, swamps) with unique landscapes. You can quickly recognize areas from above and help with better navigation.


In addition to the parachute, early versions of gliders would focus on changing the texture (repainting). The next step will be to add more details, but keep the original substance.

Epic Games does not want to stop there and understands that everyone aspires to create a strong, unique, cool and beautiful personality.

They’re tweaking gliders, pickaxes and characters to achieve that goal; Please keep checking the store for more updates.

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Epic Games received a lot of feedback about the sound of the FNBR, and they are working to improve the accuracy and better in-game information. Here are a few things Epic Games is doing.

Footsteps on different surfaces: Currently Epic Games only have 1 hour of footsteps on all surfaces in the game, so it is difficult to know who is outside or inside the building. Footsteps on Wood, Stone, Metal and Water will give you more information.

The sound of teammates’ footsteps is quieter: For Squad players, Epic Games understands how noisy it is when 4 people run together, they reduced the sound of nearby teammates’ footsteps.

Sound by pitch: Epic Games knows about this, especially the sound of footsteps. The team is looking at how to improve in the future.

The sound of traps: The sound of traps has been changed to make them less noisy and more balanced, while still giving the player a chance to react to them.

Sound Launch Pad: they are editing the sound when the player uses the Launch Pad. This makes it easier for listeners to see when another person is flying and is about to land near them. If you listen closely, you will have a better chance of protesting!

Gun Sound: The sound of the gun when firing does not follow you, instead it stays at the original position where you started shooting. This causes the sound to shift left or right when you move away. Epic Games is working as quickly as possible to reduce this confusion during intense gunfights.


Limited time mode: Epic Games will bring a Limited time mode (limited time) in December. Limited time is a temporary experience with special conditions for players to try and allow Epic Games to experiment with strange things. Epic Games will announce when this mode starts… it will be very EPIC!

Server Optimization: the developer is making good progress in server quality optimization in the last 2 months. The image below shows the percentage of time the server is down. Green means 0% and red means 3% or more.

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Fortnite clearly still had problems when the match started!

However, the color green is not considered acceptable because there is still a bottleneck error when updating. Epic Games understands the changes required in the network to mitigate this problem and hopes that in the long run it will eliminate ‘network congestion’.

Map Streaming: Another major fundamental change is the inclusion of ‘extensive streaming’. This means that when you move the whole map, everything is loaded/streamed in and out based on your location. Right now the game is only for surface treatment and there’s plenty of room to save memory when it comes in.

There are still challenges with map changes (making sure destroyed areas stay), quality (eliminating lags during loading), and making sure the streaming system is working fast enough to support those flying. on rocket!

Areas: We are still working on the matchmaking system and expect to have more server centers by Q1 of 2018. The biggest change will happen before then to ensure Epic Games can deliver quality and a better experience in the Asia region.

Control: aim assist has been changed to resemble other games. This may take more time, but Epic Games would rather make sure it runs properly than roll it out too soon.

Rankings and Stats: Ranking and Stats features are limited at first. But it helps the developer know what information it generates. And the answer is “a lot”. The bad news is that they need to focus on numbers first; The good news is that they already know better what they need to build.

Epic Games wants more parameters… a lot more than that. Stats and leaderboards serve different purposes to many people, and we want to cover them all: showing where you shoot best, metrics you need to improve on, leaderboard comparisons help you compete with friends and people around, of course the global leaderboard for those with big ambitions.

Epic Games can take screenshots of the specs by the analytics team similar to what Epic Games did in an email a few weeks ago, and the plan is to stay tweaked while the team improves on their size. There are also, and – third parties with metric information about you.

Season Store: Epic Games continues to develop the idea of ​​a season store (seasonal store). Next season will incorporate a single pass purchase system containing dozens of loot items that you can get while playing or completing quests. Epic Games also added free loot for players to get while playing.

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More new items and weapons: Epic Games have added a lot of items recently – Busy, Launch Pad, Silenced SMG (Silencer SMG), Slurp Juice, Smoke Grenades (smoke grenade)… etc Epic Games just started in this group.

JZDxopTA2MBkNDjZi7F7 - Emergenceingame

Custom games: Epic Games is working to support tournaments, free play, and leaderboards, and then combine it with the ability to edit in-game rules. Custome game and tournament support also includes follower support. Of course, Epic Games is creating a full tracking system and will be more detailed next year.

Priority quality: Epic Games’ near goal is to ensure a 30 FPS experience across platforms. Epic Games is currently looking for the most effective way to give you more options on the next platforms.

Badge/Medal: they wanted to put medals in so they could give them some impressive tackles. For example, killing people in midair with rockets.

Your feedback will motivate the developers to improve and prioritize the game, and your joy and support is what keeps them working! Thank you

Epic Games’ goal is to be clear and accountable. They spend a lot of time reading your posts and comments, so give it to them if they don’t reach this goal!

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