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San Andreas turns into PUBG

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas hóa thành PUBG. 1 - Emergenceingame

Nowadays, it is not difficult to realize the HOT level of the Battle Royale simulation game genre with games like PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, The Fortnite and The Culling both achieved a very large number of players. Even Rockstar Games rolled out a mini-game inspired by PUBG in Grand Theft Auto: Online, with the huge world of the game and different types of vehicles. Currently, a team of professional modders are also doing the same for Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, even though the title is also nearly 15 years old.

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas hóa thành PUBG - Emergenceingame

GTA has got everything from a huge open world, vehicles, weapons, parachutes, and even if you’re lucky you might even own a jet engine. This setting fits the idea of ​​a Battle Royale so well that two multiplayer Mods are slowly becoming popular: a Mod for San Andreas from 2006 and a modified version with the Multi Theft Auto tool from 2003 starting. from Grand Theft Auto 3 and Vice City.

Players experiencing one of San Andreas’ two Battle Royale Mods can pick up tons of items of varying quality, quantity, information, and even frying pans through the Multi Theft Auto mod. A large number of residents and vehicles also open up, extending limitless possibilities for those who enjoy customizing their characters.

It’s clear that the modders teams have added a lot of new content, but they haven’t finished their PUBG-inspired revision work yet. The developers need to put more effort into modifying the damage calculation and animation system, bringing a breath of fresh air to this legendary game without multiplayer mode. Although the PS2 and Xbox versions of the game had co-op play, few would have predicted that 13 years after its release, San Andreas would still be able to continue developing multiplayer.

Both mods are inspired by PUBG, so many of the visual elements and menu system seem like a copy of the game in the world of San Andreas. The new mods have only had a few hundred players so far, which is “quite” far from PUBG itself. However, what is valuable is not the number of players or popularity, but the passion they have for their game.

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