Gacha Life: How to use a free redemption code

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Gacha Life is a chibi-style anime game that can fulfill all your expectations while living in the wonderful world of Gacha. This is an addictive, adorable and easy to play life simulation game. Here, players can customize many things, from creating and providing costumes for characters, creating new groups, collecting countless items in the game.

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As a life simulation game, character customization plays an important role in Gacha Life. How to receive gifts, Gem like via code or coupon is also interested in many players. The good news for you is that redeeming gifts in Gacha Life is very simple. The article will guide you how to receive a free giftcode redemption code in Gacha Life!

How to get a free redemption code in Gacha Life

Game developer Gacha Life occasionally gives players free redemption codes, including all kinds of resources in the game.

Confirm redemption of codes for gifts in Gacha Life

List of latest free redemption codes in Gacha Life

Free code Reward
625,841,377 200 Gem
987,654,321 100 Gem
774,231,999 100 Gem

How to redeem a code for a gift in Gacha Life

Unlike other games of the same type, Gacha Life has a code exchange center built into the game. So you don’t need to go to the external site, enter the code, and go back to the game to see the results. How to redeem Gacha Life code as follows:

Enter the number 9 in the corresponding box in Gacha Life
  1. Touch the menu Options in the right hand corner of the screen.
  2. Touch options Redeem Promo Code appear in the menu.
  3. Enter the 9-digit redemption code.
  4. Press Enter and enjoy the game.

The above is how to redeem the gift code in the game Gacha Life. will continuously update giftcode Gacha Life another for you as soon as it is released.

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