PUBG: Changes in the new Vikendi map

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Map Vikendi, also known as the winter map in the survival shooter PUBG game, with the scenery covered in white snow characterizes the cold winter.


As you all know, PUBG announced that in Season 6 map Vikendi will have a short “vacation”, making room for Karakin map. Since then, the game development team has changed some locations, terrain, town, weather in Vikendi. Invite you to follow 1 of the changes:

Snow-covered Map of Vikendi
Snow-covered Map of Vikendi

Major changes to the new Vikendi map

  • Add railroads and trains to the Vikendi map.
  • Reduced snow in Vikendi.
  • Dinopark is extended to Dinoland.
  • Improved some places such as: Dinoland, Monastery, Tovar, Movatra.
Dinopark expansion
Dinopark expansion

To test the new Vikendi map, players will play in custom matches (Custom Match) on Test Server. The trial period lasted for 3 days from 14:00 on March 6, 2020 to 14:00 on March 9, 2020.

How to participate in the new Vikendi map experience

  • Log in to the Test Server (PUBG: Test Server).
  • Join a custom match (Custom Match) created by PUBG players.
  • Experience the new Vikendi map.

Video introduces the new Vikendi map in PUBG

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