Frostpunk Mobile – Ice age survival game based on the popular PC game

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Frostpunk Mobile is a survival role-playing game that promises to explode when it launches in 2021. Developed by 11 Bit Studio and NetEase GamesFrostpunk Mobile will hit human instincts through short stories, the same way 11 Bit did with This War is Mine.


Although this new version looks similar to the 2018 release, Frostpunk Mobile is expected to add new features such as: roguelike adventure mode, character development, rule and guild system, a places where players can raise rare animals.


In Frostpunk Mobile, players will take on the role of the head of a heavily devastated city, which is about to fall into oblivion amid heavy snowfalls from the sky. The task of the gamer is to build buildings and learn, lead his people to hunt as well as ensure a place to live so that everyone can survive in the harsh nature. The special feature that makes Frostpunk Mobile attractive to gamers is the dark little stories that show the human nature that is the pride of 11 Bit.

Currently, the developer has not announced a specific release time, gameplay as well as a clear look at the terrifying destruction of nature in the game. All we know is just the artwork, but NetEase has promised to reveal more information about Frostpunk Mobile during its annual product launch event on May 20, 2021.

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