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Indeed, the story of NPH “sucking blood” is a thing of the past in the 2k years. In order to make the “heavenly children” happy, NPH is not afraid to promote card top-ups, give a lot of small gifts and big gifts every month, every week. Which lucky faces have received outgame gifts by playing online games?

Go offline automatically to receive gifts

We took a walk around the typical online game Fanpage that is loved by young people like Unparalleled Pride 2 Just learned that, in addition to being friendly with gamers through a dedicated customer care team, the publisher of this game also regularly organizes Events for gamers to have the opportunity to take home gifts regardless of festivals or holidays. often.

After the recent Big Update campaign when launching a new sect as well as many other features in the game, players continuously receive attractive rewards such as Laptops, TVs, and hot trend Bitis’ Hunter sports shoes that are making waves. wind in the youth… from the publisher of Ngoo Kiem Vo Song 2.

Trang Nguyen’s friend went to receive gifts to help her lover, because the “bear” studied abroad but still played the game Ngao Kiem Vo Song 2 regularly and was lucky to win the prize.

In addition to valuable gifts, NPH also offers small but very practical gifts to accompany them

Thede****** account owner receives a 4k TV with WC 2018

Gamer with facebook nick is Forever Rain, even though during his maternity leave he still played Ngon Kiem Wu Song 2 loudly, he was lucky to receive 02 genuine Bitis’ Hunter shoes. In the picture is the husband of this “blood” girl when receiving a gift on behalf of his “sleeping” wife.

Ngoo Kiem Vo Song 2 currently dominates the 2.5D client game market share and is growing day by day with a large number of participants. Not to mention the ingame features that remind you of playing VLTK, KT, etc. Ngoo Kiem Vo Song 2 also gives players the feeling of returning home with a lot of comrades. Joining the guild, connecting the community is the true gamer, because playing the game alone is really lonely.

According to information the writer “checks” from the Fanpage of Ngoo Kiem Vo Song 2, coming soon (no specific time), this game will have new sect changes and gifts in August. Although all It’s all just conjecture, but through listening carefully on Fanpage, many gamers have been aware of NPH’s plan.


The game market is volatile, so maintaining a position in the hearts of players cannot be done by every game. In addition to attractive and attractive ingame features, the attitude of NPH is also a decisive factor to the success of that game.

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