Do you know anything about Free Fire’s 3 year old birthday event?

Since its 2017 launch, Free Fire has become an indispensable name in the gaming industry when it comes to survival shooting games. In August this will have an extremely important event for the gaming community Garena Free FireIt’s 3 years old birthday celebration with latest version OB23. Along with it, players will receive many other attractive and valuable rewards.

Let’s have fun with Game to explore those interesting things in the following article

Theme Joker

First of all, the theme for this birthday event will be joker. Players will experience this theme in the future.

Thread joker

New Island / Waiting Area

Waiting area

A new waiting area or new island will be added to the game, based on the anniversary theme. You don’t have to wait until August 28, it has been on the map since July 29 with the OB23 patch update.

New aircraft

New aircraft

This new aircraft will carry the theme of the 3rd anniversary of its birthday Free Fire and it will include 2 main colors purple and black. In addition, on the plane’s wings will display the number 3 as the age of the game.

New character Hayato “Firebrand”


During the 3rd anniversary celebration, all players will receive new characters for free – Hayato Firebrand. This character possesses a special skill that reduces damage in the front.

Free outfits

Free outfits

In addition to that, players can also get a joker-themed costume for free during the 3-year celebration Free Fire.

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