Top games that ever gave players a spectacular trick

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Imagine when you download a game with extremely cute characters and seem to guarantee a lovely storyline. But after a few minutes of playing, you feel that everything is not as you imagined, strange things appear that make you wonder if the game has a problem or you have installed it wrong somewhere. For the 4 games below, that “flip” is intentional and not for the faint of heart.

Glittermitten Grove

If you just look at it Glittermitten Grove nothing different from the usual simulation games, focusing on time management and helping fairies gather resources. The daily work of the fairies is to collect berries, find treasures and fireworks, sometimes just roam the beautiful garden.


There are no warnings about Easter Eggs at the time that Glittermitten Grove published. But after hours of digging into the ground, gamers may stumble upon a door. This door is the key to a… completely different game: Frog Fractions 2. This is the sequel to a game that has been released by Twinbeard Studio since 2012. The random and somewhat bizarre designs of the game. Frog Fractions 2 has absolutely nothing to do with the style and plot of Glittermitten Grove.

Doki Doki Literature Club

Impressive about Doki Doki Literature Club is a feeling of lightness and innocence, like the end of a picture novel about the Japanese school world. The player is the male lead in a high school literature club, has a few girls to talk to and possibly date. Through dialogue selection, the main character can approach the girl he likes. A typical dating game model.


However, the true content of Doki Doki Literature Club Completely contrary to the pure appearance of the characters, it contains evil secrets that the player cannot understand. Aside from a storyline that leads to a “good ending”, other player choices can lead to haunting endings. The game is marked as not suitable for children or the faint of heart, but this warning is not intended to warn of sexually explicit scenes, as the game exploits a completely different side.

Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning

This is a game designed to learn math, also known as “Baldi’s Basic“. Baldi’s Basics in Education and Learning has terrible visuals and has a creepy looking character named Baldi. If the first images weren’t bad enough for the player to turn off the computer, indeed Baldi will put out a lot of math to “help” learn.


However, when the player answers incorrectly, the game suddenly switches to horror mode. Besides, sometimes the questions are posed as a joke that makes players unable to answer correctly. The game received interest from a small number of gamers who love eccentricities, completely unsuitable for teaching math to children.

Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

If you know the game series Five Nights at Freddy’s then maybe gamers won’t be fooled by Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator. This game is the 6th sequel, a work of Scott Cawthon but hidden under a new name to “trick people”.


The game leads the player into the story of a pizza restaurant simulation, where friendly stuffed animals make pizzas, throw pizzas at customers, feed the kids pizza, and score points equal to the number of pizzas sold. But that’s just what the manufacturer describes. In fact, the game only starts when the restaurant closes and the stuffed animals take to the streets to hunt people like a horror movie. The game is designed in 8-bit graphics but feels as real and scary as the series Five Nights at Freddy’s.​

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