VirusSs: “When I haven’t reached a certain position, I can hardly devote myself to love affairs”

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Surely a few weeks ago, fans were surprised when in a status posted on their personal facebook page, Virus revealed “hot” information related to the love story of two close friends. That is Seeesis prepare to get married, also PewPew I just successfully proposed to my girlfriend.

Also appearing almost at the same time as the status of ViruSs, on her personal facebook, Xemesis also posted a love photo with her girlfriend with a meaningful status line: “There will be a funny story”. Although it has not been confirmed what the funny story here is, this makes people believe that the story that Xemesis is about to get married is real. However, besides that, there are still some people who doubt and wonder that Pham Trang – Xemesis’s girlfriend is not yet 18 years old, so maybe the couple will get engaged before getting married.


And as everyone expected, recently on her Youtube channel, Xemesis posted an official video confirming that she was about to hold an engagement with her hot girl girlfriend. It is known that everything is being urgently prepared by both sides of the family.


In contrast to Xemesis, PewPew proved to be quite secretive when he never publicly updated his love story, even before the rumor that he had just successfully proposed to his girlfriend. However, before the assertion of VirusSs, it is possible to partly believe that this is true.

Thus, the “four emperors” have in turn found their own happy landing, only ViruSs with his girlfriend Ngan Assassin. Surely here many people will ask the question when will fans receive good news from ViruSs. And recently, on a clip to congratulate the happy story of Xemesis and Young Mango, ViruSs shared her views on love and marriage.

male streamer explained that although it was quite heartbreaking and impatient when his friends all left the single life one after another, about himself, when he had not reached his position or basic plan, he was difficult to achieve. You can devote yourself entirely to love affairs. VirusSs admits that someone who likes you will be very miserable. The male streamer also shared that he is not one to put a love story at the same time as work because for him, work must always come first. And once thinking about love, then VirusSs will wholeheartedly take care of it.

So through the words shared above by VirusSs, it can be seen that the guy is in the phase of focusing on his career, so perhaps getting married and having children has to wait at least a few more years. Of course, each person will have their own path and anyway, best wishes to ViruSs, PewPew, Xemesis or Team Mixi I will be more and more successful with my choices.​

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