What’s worth trying in the Alpha Test version of VNG Swordsman released on April 8, 2018

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Only 1 day left, Alpha Test version of VNG will open with support benefits up to 30,000 gold. Alpha Test time will take place in 2 days from 10:00 a.m. on April 8 to 10:00 p.m. on April 9. This is an opportunity for gamers to experience this unique game early.


VNG Swordsman is webgame The most anticipated role-playing game in 2018. The attraction of the game is the unique storyline, players will be transformed into assassins, return to the past and receive the task of assassinating Qin Shi Huang.
With extremely beautiful graphics, the scenery, characters as well as equipment in the game are designed in a vivid and true way, giving players the feeling of being lost in the unique ancient world. mystery.

Step into the world of assassins with Swordsman VNG
Swordsman VNG possesses a series of unique moves of the assassins that few swordplay games today have. Coming to this game, gamers will experience a series of extremely cool incarnation features such as Khing Cong, Mask, Dark Air …

A series of extremely unique equipment of Swordsman VNG

Dark Qi is the signature equipment of the assassin and is also the most powerful weapon in Swordsman VNG. With 7 types of Dark Weapons containing different effects, gamers can freely combine this equipment to increase combat power, gain advantage or turn defeat into victory when PK. In addition, gamers can also use the special attack to dodge the opponent’s attack or move on the water.

Beautiful skill PK

Beautiful effects when the character casts spells

Super Skill of Chipping on the Water

In addition to Dark Weapons and Masks, VNG Swordsman also owns a massive equipment system such as more than 11 items of Soldiers, Spirits, Boundaries … There are also a series of Dressed Pets, Mounts, Footprints, Dragon Souls. … with a vivid and beautiful design.

Many tasks are “flooded”, unleash PK level up

Great War Faction 150 vs 150

Swordsman VNG owns a series of “flooded” battlefields. With battlefields such as Cong Thanh Chien, Cultivation of Demons, Doc Bao Bi Canh, etc., distributed between days of the week, players will not be bored when they have to participate in a consecutive battlefield for many days.

Close combat, PK loose gas with Dai Chien Phe 150 vs 150

In particular, Swordsman VNG also gives gamers a very unique battlefield – Dai Chien Phe 150 vs 150. Gamers in 1 server will be divided into 2 factions and confront each other. The Great War is the most crowded battlefield of the game, and will definitely give gamers many valuable bonus items.
At 10:00 tomorrow, April 8, 2018, the Alpha Test version of VNG Swordsman will be released. Gamers do not miss the opportunity to own 30,000 fresh gold and experience VNG soon.

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