20 horror biographies of Pokemon that make fans roll their eyes (P2)

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To be Pokemon Ghost-type, Palossand evolved from Sandygast – a true nightmare in the Pokemon Sun and Moon version. In the Sandygast being, it can control the minds of children who accidentally grab a shovel over their head, thereby ordering those children to add sand to their bodies to make it bigger. But things don’t stop there, the small tunnel that makes up Sandygast’s mouth can drain the life energy of any prey, whether it’s a human or a Pokemon.


Evolve to Palosand with a more approachable appearance, but this “ghost castle” still makes people scared when hunting by creating sand pits where small Pokemon will be sucked down and never return. . The remains of the prey will be left behind when Palosand leaves his position. It will use the life energy it sucks from its prey to create more Sandygast.

Mega Aerodactyl

Although the Mega Evolution mechanism has been largely replaced in Pokemon Sun And Moon, the developer has not forgotten to add details to it. In fact, the new update in Pokedex indicates that evolving to Mega level will cause Pokemon to suffer extreme pain, even causing severe physical and mental injuries. Aerodactyl, Salamence, and Glalie are the three best examples.

  • With Aerodactyl, Mega Evolution will affect the brain, making this Pokemon nothing more than a strong evil instinct within its body and a desire to destroy everything.​

  • With Salamence, this Pokemon’s brutality is also multiplied many times when it evolves to Mega rank, causing it to turn around and attack its owner. Mega Salamence is often called the “bloody white light”.​

  • With the Ice-type Pokemon Glalie, evolving to Mega will cause too much energy to flow through its mouth, breaking its jawbone and causing the frenzy of ice to radiate from Glalie without stopping.​

These Pokedex lines indicate that Mega-evolution will give Pokemon insane powers but in many cases it’s also physical and mental torture with these poor creatures.


Komala at first sounds reminiscent of laziness because Pokedex describes Komala’s entire life as sleeping only. Holding on to a log as a pillow, Komala almost never let go of it. Once the log is lost, it will thrash around wildly, indicating that Komala is having some sort of nightmare. This raises the question of whether any coach wants to attack or capture a creature whose mind is still dreaming? How does Komala know who is attacking, who is doing what when she is asleep?


Honestly, never being able to open my eyes, never being able to escape my own dreams and nightmares, is truly a bigger fear than any other fear. If in doubt, try watching the movie Inception..


Mankey is described in the Pokedex as a Pokemon that always harbors anger inside. And that’s why Mankey has no friends because he easily gets angry at even the smallest things. But it is also because of loneliness that the fire of anger inside Mankey grows bigger and bigger, and so on, and so on… until the mad anger inside him becomes more uncontrollable, Mankey evolves into Primeape.



Does being Primeapge mean that this Pokemon has matured, matured and is easier to control anger? No, you are completely wrong. Evolving to Primeape only made the anger worse, to the point where it only needed someone to wake it from its sleep and it was ready to hunt them down to the ends of the earth.. So when is the storm? frenzied rage in the newly cooled Primeape mind? According to Pokemon Sun and Moon, it is only when it dies that the rage ceases. And ironically, Primeape often dies when his rage reaches its peak and becomes uncontrollable.

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